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A nonreactive saucepan is one that is made from stainless steel, glass, or ceramic materials. So are those coated with Teflon. They're called nonreactive because these materials in contact with the food don't react with acidic ingredients the way copper and aluminum do. Stainless steel, glass, ceramics and Teflon are highly resistant to chemical attack. And as you might expect, different materials have different advantages and disadvantages.
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What is a nonreactive bowl?

  Glass,stainless steel, and plastic are non-reactive for mixing. When it comes to cooking, glass and stainless steel are great. Aluminum is very reactive so avoid this wh

Why is neon nonreactive?

  neon is unreactive because it has a full outer shell of electrons and therefore doesnt need to combine with other elements to gain or have a share in a full outer shell

What is nonreactive cookware?

The "nonreactive cookware" is cookware that does not react with acidic foods. Acidic foods such as tomatoes or wine can react with uncoated cookware made of copper, aluminum

What is serology nonreactive?

Serology nonreactive means negative for the presence of the analyte being detected in the test system.

Is Teflon nonreactive?

No, Teflon can be reactive. As a matter of fact, we have to be careful about non-stick instruments for cooking. At high temperatures cookware coated with Teflon and other non-

Why is helium nonreactive?

  Helium is nonreactive because of its full outer shell of electrons and forms no compounds.

Are all noble gases nonreactive?

All noble gases are unreactive at S.T.P. However at high temperature and pressure, xenon and krypton will react with electronegative elements such as flourine and oxygen to f

Is Le Creuset cookware nonreactive?

Only if it's the enamelized kind. If the pot or skillet is colored on the outside and white on the inside it is-If it is all black it is not.

What is a saucepan?

A saucepan is a deep sided cooking pot with one long handle that is intended to be used on top of a stove to cook food that requires boiling. They usually come with lids.

What is a saucepan made out of?

A saucepan is a style of stove top cooking pot with high sides and usually comes with a lid. It can be made out of metals (like stainless steel/coppper) or glass (like Pyrex)

What can you cook in a saucepan?

Hi there in saucepans you can cook a wide range of foods such as sauces ,pasta and boiled eggs. /the high edges on the saucepan also help reduce spits.The saucepan is very ben

What is the use of a saucepan?

Hi there you use saucepans to cook food .A saucepan allows more food to be cooked at once then say a frying pan as it is deeper.The saucepan also stops spills as the sides are