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It is a large black-and-white herbivorous mammal of the bamboo forests of China and Tibet with woolly fur and distinctive black and white markings.
Also called giant panda and panda bear.

In some classifications considered a member of the bear family or of a separate family Ailuropodidae.
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What can pandas do?

Pandas prefer sitting around eating bamboo all day. They are often  seen eating in a while sitting with their hind legs stretched out  before them. They are also skilled tre

How many pandas are there in a family of pandas?

An O.k answerAs far as I have learnt... Two. The Giant Panda and the Red Panda, These are the only ones I know of, hope I helped. I am obsessed with pandas and i know that pa

How did panda get its name as panda?

The word panda came into English from the French, in the 1830s. It is thought to have arrived in the French language from a Nepalese word. We began using the term Giant Panda

What type of pandas are red pandas?

Actually, red pandas aren't pandas at all. They are more closely related to small mammals like raccoons and weasels than they are to pandas. They are only named red pandas bec

What is a panda like?

Giant pandas are large (about 2.5 ft. tall and 300 pounds) bears with a black and white coat and characteristic black fur around their eyes, native to parts of China. They hav

What is a panda bears range?

Im sorry, but they are not called "panda bears". They are called Giant or Red pandas. If you are asking where they live, they live in the Gansu, Shaanxi, and Sichuan Provinces

What is a panda bears classification?

The classification of the panda has been the subject of much debate. Some scientists thought that the giant panda should be classified with the red panda, which until recently

Is the red panda the real panda?

No, a Red Panda is a lot smaller and lives in a similar way to a Lemur. The Panda that you are probably thinking of is the Giant Panda (black and white) and spends approximate

Why are pandas called giant pandas?

The adult males are generally 5 feet long and weigh about 330 pounds. That's giant! The "giant" part is because it grows so quickly. The "panda" part is because, well, its a p

What is a panda ferret colors?

Panda ferrets have an almost completely white head which includes the neck and throat with mitts on all four feet. The rest of the body is similar to the sable coloring - brow