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A polyatomic ion has two or more atoms inside.
They are electrically charged species composed of more than one atom

  1. Monoatomic: Cl- chloride , S2- sulfide, Na+ sodium
  2. Polyatomic: NH4+ ammonium, CO32- carbonate


It is a tightly bound group of atoms that has a positive or negative charge and behaves as a unit.

Source: My Chemistry textbook. (Prentice Hall)
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Why is a hydroxide ion a polyatomic ion?

OH - is Polyatomic . Hydroxide (OH - ) contains both an atom of oxygen (O) and hydrogen (H). Many ions are from only ONE atom or element, but since OH - contains two separate elements, it is polyatomic.

What are polyatomic ions?

A charged ion that is composed of two or more atoms covalently bonded. No: Each chloride ion contains only one atom.

How are molecules and polyatomic ions similar?

Molecules are atoms almost constantly bind to each other in nature to form groups. Polyatomic ions are covalently bonded groups of atoms that have a positivie or negative charge and acts as a unit. They are similar because they both contain groups of atoms.

What are the polyatomic ions?

polyatomic ions are those ions which carry more than one atom,we can say that a group of atoms having single charge( which may be positive or negative) are polyatomic ions.

Molar mass of a polyatomic ion?

To find the molar mass of a polyatomic ion, you simply find the molar mass of every element that makes up the ion and add them together. Do not forget to multiply the molar mass if there are multiple atoms. . For Example: Find the molar mass of NO3 . NO3 is made up of Nitrogen and Oxygen . Nitrog (MORE)

Examples of a polyatomic ion?

Polyatomic Ions List . General Chemistry Software Download . Polyatomic ions Names . AsO 4 -3 arsenate. BO 3 -3 borate. B 4 O 7 -2 tetraborate. BrO 3 - bromate. BrO - hypobromite. CO 3 -2 carbonate. CN - cyanide. C 2 O 4 -2 oxalate. C 2 H 3 O 2 - acetate. C 4 H 4 O (MORE)

Which ions in the table are polyatomic ions?

it is sulfate, sulfite and many more.... Answer: Common Polyatomic Ions: -1 Charge: · Chlorate: CO 3 -1 · Chlorite: ClO 2 -1 · Cyanide: CN -1 · Dihydrogen Phosphate: H 2 PO 4 -1 · Ethanoate: CH 3 COO -1 · Hydroxide: OH -1 · Hydrogen Carbonate: HCO 3 -1 (MORE)

What are the charges for polyatomic ions?

Some major polyatomic ions include PO4 charge -3 PO3 charge -3 CO3 charge -2 ClO4 charge -1 NH3 charge +1 NO3 charge -1 NO2 charge -1 If you need anymore than look up polyatomic ions in Google.

Is chloride a polyatomic ion?

The definition of a polyatomic ion is an ion made up of multiple atoms. Because Cl- is only one atom of chlorine it is not polyatomic.

Is SO4 a polyatomic ion?

Yes, it is a polyatomic ion since the ion contains two different atoms (or atoms of 2 different elements).

What is the polyatomic ion in the compound KNO3?

The polyatomic ion in KNO 3 (potassium nitrate) is NO 3 - , the nitrate ion. This ion is polyatomic because it contains four atoms bonded together. The nitrate ion is derived from nitric acid, HNO 3 .

Is NO2 a polyatomic ion?

NO 2 is a molecule, not an ion. It is nitrogen dioxide. However, there is the polyatomic ion NO 2 - called the nitrite ion. Not to be confused with nitrate (NO 3 - ).

CuSO4 is a polyatomic ion?

CuSO4 is an ionic compound that contains a polyatomic ion (the sulfate ion SO 4 2- ) but it is not itself a polyatomic ion.

How can you tell if a ion is polyatomic ion?

If it contains a number in its formula (such as in peroxide, O 2 - ) it is polyatomic as this means there are more than one atom of the same type. If it contains more than one element, which you would find if there is more than one capital later. (such as in hydroxide, OH - ). If both are true, (MORE)

Is methane a polyatomic ion?

No, Methane (CH 4 ) is not a polyatomic ion. It doesn't have a charge, therefore it can't be an ion. It's considered a hydrocarbon.

What is a polyatomic ion and name five common polyatomic ions?

Poly means many. So a polyatomic ion is an ion made up of more than one atom. Simple examples come from common acids and alkalis. Sulphuric acid (H2SO4) forms the ions H+ (monoatomic) and SO42- (polyatomic). Nitric acid gives the ion NO3-. Hydroxides give us the OH- ion. Carbonates give (MORE)

What are some examplea of polyatomic ions?

Ammonium NH 4 + . Dimercury Hg 2 2+ . Acetate CH 3 COO - . Bromate BrO 3 - . Chlorate ClO 3 - . Chlorite ClO 2 - . Cyanide CN - . Dihydrogen Phosphate H 2 PO 4 - . Bicarbonate HCO 3 - . Hydrogen sulfate HSO 4 - . Hydroxide OH - . Hypochlorite ClO - . Nitrate NO 3 (MORE)

Polyatomic ions are usually charged how?

It depends but most are negative, e.g. nitrite, sulfate, nitrate, sulfite, chlorite, phosphate, phosphite, permanganate, chromate, dichromate etc. There are however, polyatomic ions that are positively charged.

Name the polyatomic ion C2H3O2?

Acetate!! (side note: Acetate is very commonly referred too as: "CH3COO") (It is the same thing, just rearranged... just like H2O can become HOH, they are still both water)

Which polyatomic ion has 4 oxygens?

The three most common such ions probably are sulfate, with the formula SO 4 -2 , chromate, with the formula CrO 4 -1 , and perchlorate, with the formula ClO 4 -1 .

Is CaSO a polyatomic ion?

CaSO is not a compound. Are you thinking of CaSO 4 ,calcium sulfate. this is an ionic compound.no

Polyatomic ions are usally charged?

Ions are charged by definition: they are atoms or molecules that have either lost or got one or more electrons so to have a positive or negative charge. Examples are Trifluoromethan ion CF3- Trifluoroacetic acid ion CF3COO- Nitrogen ion NH2-

Is sodium perbromate a polyatomic ion?

Sodium perbromate is not a polyatomic ion. It is an ionic compound formed by combining sodium (Na +1 ) ions with perbromate ions (BrO4 -1). Perbromate by itself would be a polyatomic ion.

What is anion cation and polyatomic ion?

Anion: a negative ion Cation: a positive ion Polyatomic Ion: a molecular ion which is a charged species (ion) composed of two or more atoms covalently bonded.

What are descriptions of a polyatomic ion?

The word prefix poly- means many. So with the word polyatomic you have multiple atom types. So a polyatomic ion is an ion with multiple types of atoms in it. A polyatomic ion is composed of two or more atoms covalently bonded or of a metal complex that can be considered as acting as a single unit in (MORE)

Is oxide polyatomic ion?

No, oxide is just an oxygen ion. The formula is just O(-2 charge),hence not a polyatomic ion. Hyd oxide on the other hand is a polyatomic ion, formula being OH(-1 charge)

Is S2-a polyatomic ion?

No. S 2- is a monatomic ion. A polyatomic ion contains atleast two atoms. You can identify a polyatomic ion as it will havethe symbols for more than one element (OH - ), asubscripted number (O 2 2- ), or a combinationof the two (CO 3 2- ). The superscript in theion only indicates the charge.