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A Possy is just a group of people who hang out together, centered on one individual. Sometimes this group (as in the case of celebrities) can include agents, body gaurds, personal assistants and so on, but possies take all forms.

The term itself has been in use for a very long time, and as portrayed in American Spaghetti westerns, entails a group of people formed to track down some specific individual (ie. search parties or bounty hunters)
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Is possi a word?

Possi is not a word, and has nothing to do with possums. A posse is a group of people assigned by the local legal authority to act as temporary police.

Why did insane clown possie shave there dreads off?

  On April 19, 1998, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Bruce suffered a panic attack during a performance and was carried off stage. Bruce, who later recalled being completely "o

How do you spell possie?

The correct spelling is posse (a group of deputies in pursuit of outlaws).