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poussin = spring chicken Pronunciation: poo-SAN Notes: A poussin is a very young chicken, and it has a very delicate flavor and very little fat. They're available in some gourmet markets. Substitutes: Cornish game hen (larger) OR squab

The chicken is less than 28days old.
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What is poussin?

Answer   a Poussin is a type of poultry (bird)   More specifically,   "Poussin" is another word for "Cornish game hen." They are young chickens, especially bred t

How long to roast a poussin?

Cook the Poussin/Coquelet for 40mins at 200ºC. Cover loosely with foil and let it rest for 10 -15mins before carving.

What is Jenny Poussin most famous for?

Jenny Poussin is most famous for being a Canadian bikini and glamour model. Her blonde hair and tanned skin make her ideal for this job. She is sometimes confused for a porn s

What is chicken?

An edable animal that vegitarians can't eat. Also a form of meat or  poultry.