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CPA or certified public accountant is the US professional designation for the accounting field. CPAs normally have a four year degree. They must pass a state board exam, and are issued a CPA by the State Board of Accountancy. There are also continuing eduction requirements.
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How Private accounting versus public accounting?

  The old accounting text book defines public accounting as: offering accounting and related services for a fee to companies, other organizations and the general public. T

What is a difference between public and private accounting?

Answer   Public accounting includes any accounting work that a company performs for another company. Examples would be audits, tax compliance, consulting, etc. The "Big 4

What is Public Accounts Committee of Indian Parliament?

Public Accounts Committee [PAC] is a Parliamentary Standing Committee. This Financial Committee consists of not more than 22 members comprising 15 members elected by Lok Sabha

Public interest theory in accounting?

Public interest theory of accounting is concerned with achieving publicly desired results which, if left to the market, would not be obtained. The main galvanizer of Public In

How do you check your public bank account number?

You can either log in to online banking if you use it, or look at a check or deposit slip that you use to access your account via live teller. There's three sets of numbers on

What is the role of a Certified Public Accountant?

Certified Public Accountants or CPA's as they are more commonly called, can provide you with a number of advantages over other accounting professionals. Their education runs c

What are the objectives of public sectors accounting?

Standards of consistency, quality, information sharing between  accountants, and transparency in reporting are the base objectives  of public sectors accounting.

What are the common services offered by a public accountant?

A few of the ways in which a CPA can serve you and your business include:   Recommending Income Tax Planning strategies.Preparing tax returns.Advising individuals on Person