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CPA or certified public accountant is the US professional designation for the accounting field. CPAs normally have a four year degree. They must pass a state board exam, and are issued a CPA by the State Board of Accountancy. There are also continuing eduction requirements.
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What is meant by public accounting?

Public Accounting: Best known for providing audits, CPAs who work in public accounting review company financial records for accuracy and accountability.

How does a public accountant differ from a management accountant?

A management accountant mainly reports internally on the performance of products, departments or a business as a whole going into far more detail than financial accounts. A "p

How Private accounting versus public accounting?

The old accounting text book defines public accounting as: offering accounting and related services for a fee to companies, other organizations and the general public. The oth

How do you set your MySpace account to public?

its in your account settings... and under privacy its very easy right on ur home page right by your main picture... it will have account settings click their...

What is the difference between Public Accountant and Certified Public Accountant?

Anyone can be an accountant-certified or public-but thequalifications, education, and scope of work is drasticallydifferent between the two. . Public accountants . If someo

What does it mean to be a public accountant?

This means that you either work for a accounting firm (H&R Block) or you have your own accounting business. You work for yourself and not for others.

What type of accountants are not public accountants?

Not all accountants work as public auditors. Those who work for corporations as financial managers, management accountants, and internal auditors may be CPAs, but a significan

How do public accountants become certified?

Certified Public Accountants or CPAs become certified by passing the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination and meeting state education and experience requirements fo
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Where can one study Public Accountancy?

A person can study public accountancy in many local community colleges. The course is also available in some strictly business colleges. You can also take an online course t