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What is a quantitative prediction?

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Evaluating likelihood of job success on basis of predetermined numerical decision rule.
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What is predicting?

Predicting is telling confidently about things which may happen in the future.

What is a quantitive prediction?

A quantitative prediction is a prediction of a specific quantity of something, for example, if I say it is going to rain tomorrow that is not quantitative, but if I say there

What is 'predicting'?

Saying what is going to happen in the future.

What is quantitative result?

It is the result that you can directly measure. Therefore, it is the length, weight, speed etc of whatever you are calculating/observing. The qualitative result is a character

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What are quantitative observations?

A quantitative observation is an observation that can be measuredin numbers, such as volume, length, acceleration, number of widgetsproduced per hour, etc.

What is the quantitative data?

Quantitative data is numerical data. Qualitative data is data that uses words or qualities to describe something.

What is a quantitative pronoun?

A quantitative pronouns is a form of indefinite pronoun, which  takes the place of a noun for an amount that is unknown or unnamed.  Some quantitative pronouns are:  

What is a quantitative observation?

A quantitative observation is something that measures a quantity (number), such as the weight of length of an object. Quantitative observations have numbers, such as 3 pounds

What is a quantitative model?

The official definition for a quantitative model is " Collection ofmathematical and statistical methods used in the solution ofmanagerial and decision-making problems, also ca

What is quantitative approach?

A quantitative approach is always dealing with a quantity or numbers of some sort to prove a point.   With the use of quantitative approach we improve our decision making p

What is quantitative reasoning?

  Hollins' Definition of Quantitative Reasoning   Quantitative reasoning is the application of mathematical concepts and skills to solve real-world problems. In order t

What is a prediction?

In science, a prediction is the expected outcome if a hypothesis is accurate. A prediction may also be a forecast, as with weather. It can also be a prophecy or other augur
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What is a quantitative variable?

A variable is called a Quantitative variable when a characteristic can be expressed numerically

Example of quantitative?

The opposite is a quantitative observation, such as the weight or length of an object. Quantitative observations have numbers, such as 3 pounds or 5 meters. You would be quant

Quantitive and qualitive?

If something is Quantitative it is in the form of numbers and obtained by measurement. Eg: To time something you use a stopwatch and note down the number on the stopwatch. If