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A quantum of energy can be thought of as a little packet of energy. It is NOT the amount of energy it takes for a electron to get from one energy level to the next.
The quantum theory developed at the beginning of the last century tells us that energy changes in atoms happens when these little packets of energy are taken in or given out.
The value of the quantum of energy (in this case, a photon) can be calculated using the equation E = hf where E is the energy in joules, h is Planck's constant, and f is the frequency in hertz
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What is law of quantum energy and quantum mass?

In the universe energy, matter and go as per quantum. Energy is released in quantum of photon. Electron has a quantum mass. Proton has quantum mass. Both has a quantum charge.

Who Developed the quantum theory of matter and energy?

No one person developed the Quantum Theory. It was mostly the work of Max Planck, who was the originator of the Quantum Theory, and Werner Heisenberg, who came up with the Unc

Is X-rays radiation has the most energy per quantum?

  Gamma rays have higher energy per quanta than anything else. This is a bit of a ruse because they just keep naming higher- and higher-energy Gamma rays. If there is some

What is the energy in a quantum of radiation having a wave length of 5000 A?

E = hv where that "v" is actually supposed to be the Greek letter nu, standing for frequency. So just convert the wavelength to frequency and multiply by Planck's constant and

Which electromagnetic radiation has the most energy per quantum?

The higher the frequency, the higher the energy per quantum. The energy per quantum is Planck's constant (traditionally represented by "h") multiplied by the frequency. At ver

What are the quantum numbers for the highest energy electrons in Sn?

If you are talking about the ground state, then the quantum  numbers for Tin are:  n=5  l(lowercase L)=1   m-sub l = 0   m-sub s = 1/2  Learn about the relationshi

What is quantum theory of energy?

In Planck's assumption, radiant energy is emitted in small bursts, known as "quanta". Each of the bursts called a "quantum" has energy E that depends on the frequency f of the

How much energy does a quantum of light contain?

i assume you mean photon but I'm not 100% but "In physics, a photon is an elementary particle, the quantum of the electromagnetic interaction and the basic "unit" of light