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What is a red hand warning light on a Ford Falcon?

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What is a red hand warning light on a Ford Falcon?
I have a AU Falcon the Red Hand on my Dash under the Fuel gauge represents the Smart Lock eg. Imobilizes the Ignition system (Anti Theft).
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How do you remove the head light switch from a 1962 Ford Falcon?

( Disconnect the battery first) Feel behind the dash for the back of the switch, on the apposite that the wiring is you will feel a small spring-loaded button. Pull the swit

How do you get rid of the airbag warning light on a Ford Mondeo?

  if the airbag warning light comes on it means most likely that your airbag system is faulty, it should be taken to a professional to be sorted out but often on mondeos i
How do you get the spanner light off on Ford Falcon?

How do you get the spanner light off on Ford Falcon?

to get the spanner (or service me now) light off all you have to do is turn the ignition on while the engine is off and hold in the trip meter reset button for six seconds or

What is red circle warning light on Lexus?

If it is a red circle with serrated "parenthesis" to the right and to the Left, then it's your brake warning light. The brake sensors are telling you there is something wrong

Warning light Ford Fiesta?

There are several reasons why a warning light may be on in a Ford  Fiesta. Some reasons could be brakes, loose gap cap, or even low  fluids.

How do you reset service light on Ford Falcon?

  Hi, Assuming it is a EF / EF Falcon - May work for EA - BA   Ford EF / EL Falcon - Turn of service reminder light   Insert Keys Press odometer button and hold

Change a brake light switch on a Ford Falcon EF?

  you have to get upside down with your head under the dash. you will need to feel with your fingers. feel for a split pin that goes thru a thin rod. remove the split pin

What is Ford Falcon futura au red fan warning lights?

it is low coolant level in what is called coolant header unit under bonnet of the car. In a nutshell its a plastic container looking device with a radiator cap on it. Do not o