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What is a rubber match in wwe?

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A rubber match is basically a tie breaker match. Whenever two guys have each won one match against each other, the rubber match would determine the winner of the series/the better man.
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Who had the most matches in the WWE?

1. Bret Hart (1984-97) 14 2,403 2. Undertaker (1990-09) 20 2,226 3. Tito Santana (1980; 1983-93) 12 1,885 4. Shawn Michaels (1987-98; 2002-09) 20 1,862 5. HHH (1995-09

What is wwe handicap match?

A match where the wrestler (s) is/are facing their oppenent (s) where the oppentent (s) have a bigger number of wrestlers on their team.

What is a table match WWE?

A tables match in the WWE is a match where you can only win by putting you opponent through a wooden table. Sheamus won his first WWE Championship in this type of match agains

Wwe inferno match?

An inferno match, in WWE is where the ring is surrounded by flames. To win, you must set your opponent on fire. These matches are not done very often, though, due to how dange

How does WWE do Buried Alive matches?

WWE does it's 'Buried Alive matches' by making the hill around it a metal casing, if you listen closely in the match at Bragging Rights 2010 when Kane and the Undertaker are e

What was the first match in WWE?

WWF changed it's name in 2002 so the first match of WWE was on Raw and it was Jazz vs. Trish Stratus for the Women's title

How does WWE choose who wins in matches?

The participants of the match are pre-detirmed months before they take place. WWE hire Story writes especially for their matches and feuds. These are then placed to the WWE ma

Who has won the most matches in the WWE?

Many People think its goldberg, But in fact it is Grant The Myth Jones With a record of 215/ 23/ 1/ he thought in vpw then wcw then tna now the wwe