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What is a rubber match in wwe?

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A rubber match is basically a tie breaker match. Whenever two guys have each won one match against each other, the rubber match would determine the winner of the series/the better man.
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How can you watch WWE matches?

  Answer     go to mbw-tv.webs.com   Answer     THE TV! SmackDown is on UPN Raw is on USA   Answer   as true as that is, i think this p

What was the first match in WWE?

WWF changed it's name in 2002 so the first match of WWE was on Raw and it was Jazz vs. Trish Stratus for the Women's title

In wwe what is a stretcher match?

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Is matches of WWE is preplaned that who will win?

yes but sometimes they botch it and the person who is NT supposed to win wins and it is weird cuz he starts arguing with the ref like previously in Smackdown Rey mysterio won

List Of WWE Match Types?

These are the ones that I know of: Inferno Match, Hell in a Cell, Tag Team , No Disqualification, Street Fight, Triple Threat, 4 Way, Gauntlet, Chicago Street Fight, No Holds

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You watch them on TV. For old ones, youtube, dailymotion, or torrents would where I'd go, or you could actually buy if you like at any store that sells DVDS most likely.