What is a rubber match in wwe?

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A rubber match is basically a tie breaker match. Whenever two guys have each won one match against each other, the rubber match would determine the winner of the series/the better man.
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How do you get WWE matches?

You watch them on TV. For old ones, youtube, dailymotion, or torrents would where I'd go, or you could actually buy if you like at any store that sells DVDS most likely.

What matches will there be at WWE Last Chance?

1st Match Divas Championship - Maryse(c) vs. Eve Torres Winner: Maryse 2nd Match Cody Rhodes vs. Kane Winner: Kane 3rd Match WWE Intercontinental Championship - Drew McIntyr

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The Opening match on Raw was a hardcore title match in which the title changed hands some 20 times each time Lillian Garcia announced "the new WWE hardcore champion is..."

Are the matches fixed in WWE?

In the WWE, formerly the WWF, matches are not fixed. The wrestlers are allowed to perform any moves they desire - as long as it creates the minimum amount of damage to their o