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What is a saucer-like depression on the surface of the Moon?

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A crater.
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Saucer like depressions on the moon?

Craters, caused by the impact of rocks falling from space.

What are the valley-like depressions on the moon?

A type of valley found on the Moon is called a rille . It canbe straight, as when caused by collapsed areas between faults, orchannel-like, suggesting it formed from lava tub

A saucer like depression on the face of the moon?

Its called a crater, Impact craters are the remains of collisions between an asteroid, comet, or meteorite and the Moon. These objects hit the Moon at a wide range of speeds,

Which palnet has a surface like the moon?

Mercury has some similarities. Especially, lots of craters. This is due to its lack of atmosphere. Mercury has some similarities. Especially, lots of craters. This is due to

What is the surface of the moon Titan like?

Titan seems to have a varied landscape, with mountains, valleys, and plains. It also has evidence of oceans, or lakes, and rivers of liquid methane, methane rain, and is reall

What is a depression on the Moon caused by an object striking its surface?

The term is crater : a typically round or ellipticaldepression with a raised ring. (The term is also applied on Earthto the caldera of volcanoes.) Particularly large meteor