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they "assist"the actual chef.

A Sous Chef is second in command after the Executive Chef in a professional kitchen. This means he or she answers to the chef, but also has some authority over the other kitchen staff. Many of the terms that relate to cooking and cuisine in a professional setting are French. Sous is French for under, so you can see how the sous chef would work directly under the leader of the kitchen.
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What is a Sioux chief or sous-chef?

Answer   A Sioux chief would be the leader of a tribe among the many tribes of the great Sioux nation. There was many chiefs among the Sioux nations across North America.

What is the Sous chef salary?

  30k+, french brigade system has died long time ago. because of fast food franchises offering tastier and cheaper food. but if you get trusted by manager you will get pai

How do you say sous as in sous-chef?

Sue, like the name. The final s is silent.

What does sous as in sous-chef mean?

It means under, so it means under chef because typically the sous chef works directly under the executive chef who runs the kitchen.

Do you call a sous chef 'chef'?

It depends on the circumstance. If the sous-chef outranks you, it is not necessarily wrong to address them as "Chef". Usually the title is reserved for the Executive Chef or H

What is the difference between a sous chef and executive sous chef?

A "Sous Chef" answers directly to and assists the Head Chef or Executive Chef of a usually smaller restaurant. When you start getting into large hotels, resorts and what have
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What are the qualifications of being a sous chef?

One of the most important qualifications for being a sous chef is experience. However, there are multiple other education qualifications that are required for a job as a sous