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What is a type of force that holds the nucleus of an atom together?

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What holds an atomic nucleus together?

Answer: Nuclear binding energy or residual strong force We know protons are all positively charged, and a fundamental law of electrostatics is that like charges repel. But un

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What force holds neutrons and protons together in an atomic nucleus?

Answer It is nuclear binding energy that holds an atomic nucleus together. (Some science teachers insist it's called the strong nuclear force, which is not quite correct.)

What force holds protons together in the nucleus of an atom?

It goes by several names: strong force, strong nuclear force, and color force. They're all describing the same thing. Strictly speaking, the strong force is what holds quark

What atomic force holds the nucleus of an atom together and why is this force necessary?

The nucleus is held together by what is officially known as the strong nuclear force. Since the nucleus of all elements except hydrogen contains more than one proton, and all

How does the strong nuclear force hold the nucleus of an atom together?

The strong nuclear force, also called binding energy, holds quarks together to form protons and neutrons. Residual binding energy, also called the nuclear force, holds protons