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What is a united profit sharing corporation coupon?

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Are they worth any money? These coupons were given when gasoline was purchased back in the 1930's. You could order items from a catalog (just like grocery store stamps). I have an invoice dated 9/3/41 for an 'ICE CUBE BREAKER' sent by Bennett Brothers, Inc, 485 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY (invoice N151722). My 94 year old mother gave me a stack of them recently. She said my father gave her sister a camera he got with some of them.
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How do corporations increase their profits?

the majority of corporations increase their profits by any means that includes breaking human rights laws paying people lower wages and getting things that they need made chea

Can a non-profit corporation have an owner?

Actually, with nonprofits there is a way for say the founder to make sure they can't be voted out or that the board doesn't decide to go another direction. When the bylaws are

Can you borrow from a profit sharing plan?

Yes-some plans permit withdrawals after you've attained at 59½, or after you've been a participant for some specified period of time (usually at least five years), or in the

Increase in profit but decrease in share price?

Many possible reasons, a few of which are: 1) Negative outlook for that sector, thus market believes increases are anomalous, 2) Company is taking on new debts, 3) Company is

Are labor unions nonprofit or for profit corporations?

They are advocacy groups. Labor Unions are classified by the IRS as 501(c)5. Nonprofits have a different classification 501(c)3. Labor Unions are a citizen sector organization

What is profit sharing?

Answer   The advantages of profit sharing in companies is a system where employees receive a portion of the company's profits and staff is in the same position as shareho

What is profit-sharing bonus?

Profit-sharing is a way of making money out of a business venture. Different people invest capital or ideas or labour into the project. Whatever profits result from the ventur

When are shares of the profits paid to customers?

When your waitress forgets to charge you for extra cheese. Answer: Customers often get money back through "loyalty points" programs either through credit card companies or t