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The Wolf (Canis Lupus) is a bigger, furrier and wilder animal but is related to the dog.

The Gray Wolf, also called the Timber Wolf or just wolf (Canis lupus), is the largest living member of the canine family and can weigh 90-175 pounds. They can be colored gray, brown, white, black, or reddish. Wolves are social animals, and live in extended family groups often referred to as packs. Wolf packs have strict hierarchies, and are led by the mother and father of the family. Packs can consist of anywhere from 2 to 20 wolves (Though the average pack size is 7 or 8). Wolves have a very complex communication system. The communication system between dogs and wolves are the same, so similar that some Scientists have relied on dogs to learn from. But the Scientists soon wanted real information and they eventually learned about wolves from wolves and realized wolves are not the monsters some people think they are. Now people do not fear wolves as much and use them as pets.

Dogs have evolved from wolves and wolves have evolved from The Dire Wolf which was two times larger then its smaller cousin, the Timber Wolf (the wolf we know today). The Dire Wolf died out many years ago, yet no one knows why it died being a larger and stronger wolf but its smaller and faster cousin, the Timber Wolf lived. Many say it was because when a substance came up to the surface of the earth it was sticky. Prey would wander into it. The Dire Wolves would stupidly wander into it thinking it was easy prey. They would soon die of suffocation and thirst. But the smaller, faster and more intelligent Timber Wolf was smart enough to see the prey was stuck, and take no risk at that being them.

Wolf Ranking:

Wolves are ranked in the pack.
This is the list of the ranks (Alphas to Omegas).

Alpha Male and Alpha Female: The leaders of the pack and the only ones who breed.

Beta Male or Female: This member will breed with the Alpha Female or Male if one of
the two does not wish to mate that year.

Delta Male or Female: This wolf is chosen as the new leader if the Alpha's were to die.

Subordinates: These wolves are in ranks from highest to lowest as well... but they mainly
help with hunts and support the pack. They are like the villagers in a kingdom.

Omega: This is the last member in the pack. It is treated unfairly and has to eat last. It also stays and watches the pups when the rest of the pack is hunting.

Pups or Juvenile : These are the kids of the pack. They do not get proper ranks until one year old. Until then they will play fight with each other and that will depend on their ranks in the future.

wolves are a carnivirous mammal related to domesticated dogs. thety live in packs and have a social structure
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