What is airsoft gun kickback?

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It is called recoil
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What is an airsoft gun?

An airsoft gun is a gun that uses a force (either spring, gas, or electric motor) to push a blast of air at a plastic sphere (usually called a BB or Ball Bearing) out of the f

Where can you get an airsoft gun?

You can get them at sports stores, such as big 5, sports authority, target just to name a few but you can get them tons of places

What is in an airsoft gun?

The guns used in airsoft are typically replicas of real firearms, except that they have a mechanism for pushing out projectiles 6 mm or 8 mm in diameter and fire with an energ

What do airsoft guns do?

Original Answer: Airsoft guns are use for many things some kids useit to play airsoft some shoot at target airsoft guns are also usedto train miltary men and women to use a gu

How do you get an airsoft gun?

Go to shortyusa.com, kapowwe.com, or airsplat.com, if you are in the USA. Otherwise i don't know because I live in the US You can also get them at trinityairsoft.com, airsp

What was a kickback?

Virgin Mobiles "kickback" program gives you a unique "Kickback Code" that you can give to your friends, if they enter your code when activating a phone and add at least $20.00

Is a airsoft gun more powerful then a spring airsoft gun?

No. Aspects which determine how powerful an airsoft gun is actuallyit's spring (stronger/harder the spring means bigger fps), compression (better compression = better fps),

How do you get a jamed airsoft bb out of the airsoft gun?

Take it to a repair shop EDIT: Don't listen to that guy, you don't have to waste your time taking it to a repair shop. Simply take an unjamming rod, shove it down the barre

Is a airsoft gun a real gun?

No, airsoft guns are toys. They use batteries and gearboxes to fire 6mm plastic bbs at an average of 2 joules. Although many high powered air rifles can be as dangerous as

Where can you get a airsoft gun?

i get my airsoft guns from airsoft gi or evike you can also get them at academy but if u get them there they probably wont be very good i got a pretty good pulse r-73 at dic
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Are airsoft guns air guns?

Not exactly. Airsoft guns do run off air, but air guns usually refers to air guns that shoot .177 cal pellets or bb's.
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What is the best airsoft gun for a airsoft war?

If you are just starting airsoft i would highly recommend an aeg, (airsoft electric gun) but if you are pro and experienced, a trained camouflaged sniper is the best, an invis
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Where do you get airsoft guns?

airrattle.com hobbytron.com walmart(not recommended) airsoftsuperstore.com