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The population of Asia is approximately 4 billion people. The continent takes up nearly 10 percent of the land on the entire planet.

How much would a coin from Aisa sell for in the US?

A coin from Asia would sell for its equivalent value in the US. Asin every country, there are money changers at internationalairports where any money can be exchanged. Also, many banks willexchange money.

What is aisas climate?

The climate in Asia depends on where on the continent you are. Itis dry in the interior parts of the continent and wet along thesoutheast sections. The southwest sections are extremely hot and inthe northern parts of Asia, around Siberia, the area has some ofthe coldest weather on Earth.

Where is aisa located?

Asia (I assume you meant Asia not aisa?) is north of the Indian ocean, East of Europe and Africa, and West of the Pacific (although there are many large Asian islands in the Pacific)

Were is line between Europe and Aisa?

There is also a view as EurAsia is one continent and there is no dividing line between the two. In contrast if we look, the Ural Mountains in Russia could be a dividing line between Europe and Asia.

Is Japan a part of aisa?

No Japan is an Island Nation. sitting all by it self in the middle of the Ocean. Sea of Japan onits West Coast, Pacific Ocean On its east.

How many continents touch aisa?

There are 2 continents that touch Asia, they are the continents ofEurope and Africa. Long ago, North America also bordered Asiathrough ice bridges.

Which narow body of water separates Aisa from North America?

The Bering Strait separates North America (Alaska) and Asia (Russia). On the north side of the strait is the Chukchi Sea, which is part of the Arctic Ocean. On the south side of the strait is the Bering Sea, which is part of the Pacific Ocean. An argument can be made that the Arctic Ocean separates the two continents when viewing from the North Pole.

Why do banana's only grow in Southeast Aisa?

Since bananas are the largest crop in Africa and a major crop in South and Central America as well as the Caribbean Islands, I have no idea why they only grow in Southeast Asia.

How do you spell aisa?

The proper noun, a continent, is spelled Asia. The spelling Aisa is a town in Aragon, Spain.

What is the largest poisonous snake is Aisa or Africa?

King Cobra (Ophiophagus hanna) General Information King Cobra Scientific Cassification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Reptilia Order: Squamata Suborder: Serpentes Family: Elapidae Genus: Ophiophagus Species: O. hannah The largest poisonous snake would be the King Cobra (Ophiophagus hanna), the Latin word Ophiophagus means "Snake-eater". The king cobras average size is 13-14 ft. (3.96-4.26m) weighing around 20 lbs (9 kg) , they can reach a length of around 18.5ft (5.6388m) weighing over 40lbs. (18.1436kgs.) and lives in the Rainforest's and grasslands of Southeast Asia, India and China. Color is generally tan, olive-green or black with faint pale yellow cross bands, the females lay around 50 eggs, the king cobras are the only snakes who construct a nest for their hatchlings which they incubate and protect until they emerge in 60 to 80 days, the young are called Hatchlings and are about 1.5 ft. (50cm ) long at birth, the King cobra is very fast and agile with an average lifespan of about 20 years. Although not the most toxic of poisonous snakes a king cobra can kill an elephant with one bite, the king cobra tracks by site and smell then kills it's prey by striking and injecting it with venom and swallowing it whole, it's preferred diet is mainly other venomous and non-venomous snakes but includes small reptiles, birds and amphibians as well. King Cobras are aggressive and will rear up to confront the intruder where most other cobras will slither away and hide. The only predators are the mongoose and man.

Why did europeans set their sights to aisa?

In Asia were to be found many spices, fabrics, dyes, gold, and other coveted things that could be purchased cheaply and brought back by merchants such as Marco Polo to be sold for a lot of money back in Europe.

Why did people cross the land bridge from aisa to America over 3000 years ago?

People crossed the land bridge from Asia to America over 13,000 years ago because they did not realize they were crossing a land bridge! They were simply waves of nomadic hunters and their families following animals. Between the Arctic Ocean and the Brooks Mountain Range in Alaska lay a desert. However, close to the Brooks Range, melt water from glaciers made a narrow strip of land fertile. That fertile strip of land stretched across the land bridge into Siberia and through Alberta into the Great Plains of the United States. Bands of nomadic hunters and gatherers would follow animals along that strip. Since that fertile strip was not very wide, the nomads had to keep moving. They moved into the heartland of America.

Is Aisa located in the prime meridian?

No. The international prime meridian passes through the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England. There's nothing in principle stopping an Asian country from declaring its own prime meridian passing wherever it wants it to be, but they'd be different from the standardized maps of almost all other nations if they did so.

Who is famous in aisa?

first off, its FAMOUS and ASIA and which part of Asia are you asking about.. India.. China... Mongolia..??

What country in Aisa also has a part in Europe?

Five Asian countries are also partially present in Europe: Russia, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan. However, Russia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan are almost always considered fully European countries, politically speaking.

How many miles between Aisa and Hawaii?

The distance between the above two places is 7600 miles. This distance is from Delhi to Hawaii This is an approximate direct distance. Also this distance might change if a different flight route is chosen.

How far is aisa to Australia?

The flight time for flights between the above places is 11 hours This is an approximate travel time. The actual time might change depending on the flight path chosen, weather conditions, etc.

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What 3 oceans touch aisa?

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