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It is a painting on wood of saints and biblical events. They are painted with symbolic colours and the background is usually gold .
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What are orthodox icons?

  Orthodox icons are often referred to as "windows to heaven." The icon is a depiction of Christ, the saints, or biblical events done in a very precise fashion with though

Why do Orthodox Christians kiss icons?

  It is important to kiss holy icons or images, as this is a sign of respect, in the same way that we kiss a picture of our mother, father, husband, wife or children, to s

How do Orthodox and Anglican Christians differ in their use of icons?

Some Anglicans (known as Episcopalians in the US) use icons in their churches. Most fall into the category of "high church" Anglicans, rather than the "low church" Anglicans.

How you draw and paint a orthodox icons?

Writing icons is an extremely prayer-filled task. You first, need  to ask the Lord for guidance in this situation, and to guide your  hand. You also need to pray to the sain

How did the Orthodox church view the use of icons?

Icons are venerated (honored) but not worshipped in the Orthodox Church. This is done by commemorating the memory of a saint, in the same way that the people of God in the Old

Why are there Orthodox icons in Westminster Abbey?

Because the Church of England has not opposed the use of holy icons in its churches. Only some evengelical protestant groups do not use icons. The Queen of England and the Arc

Why do Orthodox Greeks kiss icons?

Because kissing is a sign of respect, just like when you kiss a picture of your mother, father, or child. Icons are not worshipped, they are venerated (meaning honoured) by

What is the significance of icons in the orthodox church?

Icons are holy images that declare the presence of the kingdom of God in the church. They are not only 'visual aids' but representations of the living saints of God. Jesus Chr

What did the eastern orthodox church think about icons?

Icons are an important part of Orthodox worship. In prayer, the icon focuses your thoughts and keeps your mind from wandering ... a constant reminder. They have been an integr

What was the position of the eastern orthodox church concering the topic of icons?

The east is pretty conservative when it comes to icons. In fact, I just went to a seminar on this. First of all, we do not worship icons. Icons are a reminder of the acts that