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43,560 square feet historicly, an acre is the area a single farmer can plaugh in a single day (horse includded)
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What is in a acre a land?

One acre of land contains 43,560 square feet.

How much land is 016 acres?

I assume that the question is: How much land (area) is 0.16 acres.... It is approximately: 0.00025 square miles 774.4 square yards 6,969.6 square feet 0.00065 square kilo

How many acres of land does Connecticut have?

Connecticut covers a land area of 3,100,544 acres.

Is 4000 acres a lot of land?

It depends on the context. 4,000 acres in the heart of New York City would be huge, but the same amount in the arid western US is comparatively small.

How much is 1000 acres of land?

It is about 1.56 square miles in area.

How many acres of land in america?

About 2,262,996,480 acres.

How do you know if you have 2 acre of land?

Measure two adjacent sides of your piece of land if it's square, rectangular, or a parallelogram in shape. Multiply those two numbers (in feet). If the number you get is less

How much does an acre of land sell for?

This all depends on the location. Land sells for more in some areas versus another, so it's best to have a more defined location of where an acre of land will sell for to get

How much is 21 acres of land?

1 acre is 43,560 square feet. 21 acres x 43,560 square feet is 914,760. 21 acres perfectly square would be 956.43 feet on each side. 21 acres 1,000 feet wide would be 91

Is 67 acres an acre of land?

No. 67 acres is sixty seven acres of land.