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Mentally challenged, learning disabled, developmentally delayed, special needs, learning delayed,...or simply disabled. Retarded and slow are demeaning.
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History of the word retarded?

A professor taught me that the word retarded was initially appliedto Italian immigrant children in New York City because they were ayear behind, or "slowed down" (aka retarded) a year in schoolbecause of their poor language acquisition.

Controversy over the word RETARD?

Retard in Madagascan means that you have never seen outside life but in your own back yard. For example if you have never been to another state or country you would be a retard in Madagascar. retard is a slang, usually meant to cause harm, for mentally handicapped/mentally disabled people. people also use the word as slang for stupid, dumb, etc. it is seen as disrespectful to use, just like using racial slang.

Do retarded people know they are retarded?

There are mentally challenged people who are well aware of the fact that they are different, they also know that they can do things maybe not as well as other people, but they will try to do their best to their ability. there are also people who suffer from severe retardation, so they would not be aware of their surroundings.

What are alternate words for said?

replied commented asked yelled started muttered breathed cursed swore mentioned barked snapped told screamed whispered retorted hollered chided sneered choked cried continued sang interrupted pushed persuaded wondered thought stated requested explained expressed corrected proclaimed queried claimed growled stuttered exclaimed threatened promised joked lilted laughed bawled blubbered sobbed groaned wept mourned insisted demanded preached dictated professed ordered raged seethed fumed thundered blurted jabbered bellowed howled shrieked roared grieved wailed yelped quaked stammered shuddered quivered trembled empathized accepted consoled crooned sympathized agreed mumbled struggled emitted forced out responded answered acknowledged accused added admitted advised announced applauded argued bargained began begged bellowed boasted called chanted chastised cheered chirped chortled chorused chuckled cited clucked commanded complained complimented confessed confided consulted conveyed cooed criticized croaked debated decided demanded declared denied described directed disagreed disclosed disrupted divulged drawled droned dreamed echoed elaborated estimated exaggerated exposed faltered feared finished foretold fretted frowned fussed gloated gossiped grinned griped grumbled grunted guessed guffawed hissed implied indicated informed instructed interrogated judged lectured lied mimicked mouthed murmured nagged narrated noted notified objected observed persisted petitioned pleaded pointed out pouted praised prayed predicted prescribed prompted proposed protested purred questioned quoted rambled ranted reassured reckoned recounted related remarked repeated reported requested responded restated resumed returned ruled out scoffed scolded scowled shouted sighed slurred smiled smirked snickered snarled snorted spat spoke sputtered spluttered stormed stressed stumbled suggested sung swooned taunted teased testified trailed off twitted twittered urged uttered vented verified vocalized voiced voted vowed wailed warned whimpered whooped yawned That's 245 words right there, but that's not even half of all that exist. I didn't put any of the words I didn't know, because I don't have them on hand right now. But there are hundreds of them. GUYS BE REALISTIC HERE - HALF OF THESE ARE NOT WORDS YOU WOULD USE IN A STORY OR SOMETHING !!!!!! It really depends on the situation or story you're writing. Any of these could be used, and almost every single I can remember being used.

What does the word alternate mean?

Alternate means to switch back and forth or take turns. Alternate: Someone who takes the place of another person.

What does the word retarded mean?

The word retarted means mentally slow and unable to learn as fast as others. However, it is often used to offend someone and call them stupid. Having a brother who is actually mentally retarted, hearing this word spoken out of place OS offensive to myself and others.

How did the word retard become common?

It depends on how this word is used. If you are referring to an individual, it would be an inappropriate word to use. However, if you mean: to make slow, delay the progress of (Sentence: Bad roads retard the movement of cars), then this word would be considered appropriately applied.

What are some alternative words for reach?

accomplish, achieve, affect, ambit, amount, approach, arrive, attain, come, compass, contact, expanse, extend, extent, find, fulfill, gain, get at, grasp, influence, move, penetrate, purview, range, scope, span, stretch, strive, sway, touch

Alternative word for But?

However is usually the word I chose. You still need to make sure that you are not making it sound like there's a catch to what you are saying. Splitting sentences also works. Also works as well.

Alternative words for slow?

Here are a few alternatives to the word slow: . Abate Anchor it Back-water Bog down Brake Check Choke Curb Curtail Cut back Cut down Decelerate Decrease Detain Diminish Ease off Ease up Embog Handicap Hinder Hit the brakes Hold back Hold up Impede Keep waiting Lag Lessen Let down flaps Loiter Lose speed Lose steam Mire Moderate Postpone Procrastinate Qualify Quiet Reduce Reduce speed Reef Regulate Rein in Relax Retard Retardate Set back Slacken Stall Stunt Temper Wind down . Here is an example sentence for my favorite alternative word for slow: The Paving Company had to lessen the amount of asphalt material arriving to the project.

How do you edit alternate wordings?

If you click on the toolbar on the menu which says edit alternate wordings, you can change the alternates and add more.

What is an alternative word for said?

Accepted accused Acknowledged added Admitted admonished advised Agonized Agreed Announced Answered apologised Appealed applauded approved argued Articulated Asked assured bargained Barked Bawled Beamed Beckoned began Begged belched Bellowed Beseeched Blubbered Blurted boasted Bossed Breathed burped Called called back Cautioned chanted chastised cheered chided Chimed in chirped choked Chortled chorused Chuckled cited claimed clucked Comforted commanded commented complained complimented conceded Concurred Confessed Confided confirmed Consoled consulted Continued conveyed cooed corrected coughed Countered Cried Cried out criticized croaked Crooned Crowed cursed cut-off debated decided Declared Demanded denied described Dictated directed disagreed disapproved disclosed disrupted divulged Drawled dreamed droned echoed elaborated Emitted Empathized Encouraged Entreated estimated evaded exaggerated exasperated Exclaimed Explained exposed expressed Faltered feared Finished forced foretold fretted frowned Fumed fussed gasped gave in Gawped gestured Giggled gloated Glowered gossiped Grieved grimaced Grinned griped Groaned Growled Grumbled grunted guessed guffawed Hesitated hissed Hollered Howled huffed Implied Implored Informed injected Inquired Insisted instructed Interjected interrogated interrupted Invited Jabbered jeered joined in Joked judged Lamented Laughed lectured Leered lied Lilted mentioned Mimicked Mocked Mourned mouthed mumbled Murmured muttered nagged narrated nodded noted notified objected Observed Offered Ordered panted persisted persuaded petitioned Pleaded pointed pointed out pouted praised prayed Preached predicted prescribed proclaimed Prodded Professed promised prompted Proposed Protested puffed purred pushed Quaked Queried questioned Quipped Quivered Quizzed quoted Raged rambled Ranted reassured rebuked reckoned recounted Rejoiced Rejoined related Remarked remembered reminded reminisced Remonstrated Repeated Replied reported Requested Responded restated resumed Retorted returned Roared ruled sang Sang out Scoffed scolded scowled Screamed Seethed shouted Shrieked Shrugged Shuddered Sighed slurred Smiled Smirked Snapped snarled Sneered snickered sniffled Snivelled snorted Sobbed soothed spat Speculated spluttered spoke Spoke lightly Spoke tightly spoke up spouted sputtered Stammered started stated stirred stormed stressed Struggled stumbled stuttered Suggested sung Swooned Swore Sympathized Taunted Teased testified thought threatened Thundered told told off Touted trailed Trembled twittered urged Uttered vented verified vocalized Voiced voted vowed Wailed warned Wept wheezed whimpered whinged Whispered whooped wondered yawned Yawped Yelled Yelped

What is the alternative word for thank you?

In a way , youre givin a person credit by thanking him /her for their great job . The best substitute or a better way to give them credit of their great job could be a phrase I've gotta hand it to you, means that you really want to give someone credit or congratulate them about being right about something.

What does the word retard mean?

In the sense of childhood development, mentally slow, 1810. Originating with the Latin 'retardare' in the 13th Century.

What are some alternative words for bad?

Disobedient, naughty, unruly, disfunctional, evil, anti-social behaviour, are some for behaviour. Others are: tragic, disastrous, awful, horrific, adjectives. Good luck!.

Alternative word for unique?

1. Finance team assigns a unique invoice Number and logs the required details including PO number if available or else raise the invoice as per clients instrucions without the number and later source the same if required.. Speaking of the English language generaly, 'sole' or 'only' are alternative words for 'unique' in particular contexts.

What are alternatives to the word retard?

answer . idiot, dumbo, moron, half-wit, imbecile, slow, dumb, unsmart . answer . idiot, dumbo, moron, half-wit, imbecile, slow, dumb, unsmart . answer . idiot, dumbo, moron, half-wit, imbecile, slow, dumb, unsmart

Alternative word for friendship?

There are many words that people use for friendship.....well it depends on what kind of a friendship..... if an opposite gender is your friend.....IF it's like if you have kissed them then that would be LOVE but if they are just your freind then it could be JUST FRIENDS. if it is the same gender than it'd be FRIENDS or if you are really close friends that it'd be BEST FRIEND..... BUT one of the best words that i personally think that is an alternative for the word FRIENDSHIP is TRUST and ATTITUDE. Also..... friendship always has LOVE in it...

What are the alternative words for fertilizer?

Synonyms: buffalo chips, compost, cow chips, dung, guano, humus, manure, maul, mulch, peat moss, plant food, potash, top dressing. Compost, Manure, Mulch, Peat Moss, Potash, Buffalo/ Cow Chips, Dung, Guano, Humus, Plant Food. ]

Where did the word retarded originate from?

It comes from Latin, the word retardo or retardum meaning to slowdown and is typically used in music.

What is an Alternative word for sincere?

aboveboard, actual, artless, bona fide, candid, dead-level, dear, devout, earnest, faithful, forthright, frank, genuine, guileless, heartfelt, honest to God, like it is, meant, natural, no fooling, no-nonsense, on the level, on the line, on up and up, open, outspoken, plain, pretensionless, real, regular, righteous, saintly, serious, square, sure enough, true, true-blue, trustworthy, twenty-four carat, unaffected, undesigning, undissembled, unfeigned, unpretentious, up-front, wholehearted, heartfelt, hearty, honest, natural, real, true, unaffected, unfeigned, unmannered http://thesaurus.reference.com/browse/sincere

Are you retarded if your friends call you retarded?

* NO, you are not. * Your 'friends' are not worthy of your friendship. * No you are not retarded in any way. Those people who you call your friends are not friends. I recommend finding new friends to be with.

Where did the word retarded originate?

c. 1426, "fact or action of making slower in movement or time," from L. retardationem, from retardare "to make slow, delay, keep back, hinder," from re-, intensive prefix, + tardare "to slow" (see tardy). Retarded "mentally slow" first recorded 1895. Retard (v.) first recorded 1489, from O.Fr. retarder (13c.); offensive noun meaning "stupid person" (with accent on first syllable) is from 1960s slang.

Is retarded a bad word?

When it is used to make fun of someone, it is a bad word and youare likely to get in trouble for saying it. However, it is stilllegitimately used by doctors. For example, a doctor might say thata child has "retarded development", which means that the child isdeveloping more slowly than normal.

What are others words to say than retarded?

WikiAnswers does not believe in bullying people, so we do not post insult slang or words designed to hurt people's feelings.

What is an alternative word for sense of injury?

"sense of injury" is three words, so I'm not sure if it is fair to ask for a single word which expresses the same idea; I would say "feeling hurt" but if you have to use just one word, try hurt.

What if your classmates keep using the word retard in class and you have an issue with it because you are deaf and when you were younger the word retard was used for you and you want them to stop?

First confront your own issues with being called a retard, are you one? If not, then that's just ridiculous you would even remember something like that. You are going to have to get use to morons that call other people names, as long as you know most people like that feel horrible about themselves and seek out pleasure in pointing the finger at others... that's the truth man, be smart and intellectual about it. If it bothers you that much, then drop some psychological bombs on them, and just make a huge joke about it one day, it will be your retard liberation day... lay the sarcasm on thick, and say something like" You know technically if you utter the word retard 2,500 times you are technically retarded?? Sounds like you're hittin north of 3,000 brah.... Seriously, crack one joke, dude will second guess every time he thinks of that word, in fear of the class laughing or remembering that joke... hence you have stolen the word's meaning, and re-defined it good luck, and use flash cards if you have to And if the first joke doesn't work, then second always does

What is an Alternative word for unanswered?

not answered? i have the same question but quiet, silent, and not answered are my only guessess- i know this probably didnt help but just to let you know.....

What is the Filipino word for alternate?

pamalit; iba; additional -another filipino translation for "alternate" is "halili or panghalili", "alternately" is translated in filipino as "salitan or palitan".

Who started the word retard?

Someone in England in 1489 or earlier first wrote it as a verb butit wasn't until about 1895 that the idea of retarded meaningmentally slow finally caught on.

How do you use the word alternative in a sentence?

(Properly, alternative is a choice between exactly two options. However, because there may be more than one pair of options,alternative has come to be used colloquially to mean a choice between two or more. Similarly, alternatives is often used to indicate more than two possible courses of action.) To reduce pollution, we need alternative sources of energy. The alternative to a jury trial is a bench trial, where guilt is decided by the judge. He did not want to sell the farm, but he had no alternative.

How can I edit alternate wordings?

You can't, and shouldn't, even if you could. The alternate wordings still have a function. If someone types a question matching the alternate wording, the search engine can still bring them to the right page, as long as the alternate wording exists for that question. . If you meant removing the alternate because it is not relevant (very common) then you must either be a Supervisor or Community Assistant, or ask one to do it for you. . If you meant changing the Primary Question to one of the alternates that is worded more correctly, again, you must be a Supervisor, Community Assistant, or ask one to do it for you. . If you wish to edit the Primary Question, simply choose the Improve Question option in the blue sidebar, and make the necessary alterations, then click 'Save'.

Alternate word for getting married?

ally, associate, become one, bond, catch, combine, conjoin, conjugate, contract, couple, drop anchor, espouse, get hitched, join, knit, land, lead to altar, link, match, mate, merge, one, pledge, plight one's troth, promise, relate, settle down, take vows, tie, tie the knot, unify, unite, walk down aisle, wed, yoke

What is a sentence using the word alternatively?

You can drive to the appointment an hope for a parking space or alternatively , you can take a bus to that location.

How can you undo splitting an alternate wording?

There is currently no undo function. You would need to change the wordings of the newly-split questions to be the primary from which they were split off. Then recommend merges of them.

Is the word retard the same as retardation?

no. someone can be called a retard which is slang for someone having mental retardation or is developmentally disabled.

What alternative swear words are there?

Some people say things like sugar, heck, darn, holy cow, holy hot dog, holy shamolians, or son of a gun.

An alternative word for essential?

Adjective ;. ------------- . 1.. absolutely necessary; indispensable: Discipline is essential in an army.. 2.. pertaining to or constituting the essence of a thing.. 3.. noting or containing an essence of a plant, drug, etc.. 4.. being such by its very nature or in the highest sense; natural; spontaneous: essential happiness.. 5.. Mathematics.. ----------------- . a.. (of a singularity of a function of a complex variable) noting that the Laurent series at the point has an infinite number of terms with negative powers.. b.. (of a discontinuity) noting that the function is discontinuous and has no limit at the point. Compare removable (def. 2).. -noun. 6.. a basic, indispensable, or necessary element; chief point: Concentrate on essentials rather than details..

What is a retardent?

Something that slows the progress of something else. An impediment would be a better word to use.

What word means an alternate word?

A word that means an alternate word, with the same definition is a synonym. Comment: Just for information, I live in England. We don't normally use the word "alternate" to mean "a possible choice between things". We use the word "alternative". When I joined "Answers" it took me a couple of minutes to figure out what "Edit alternates" meant.

Can you give a sentences have the word alternately?

The two medications work best when taken alternately instead of both on the same day.

What is the meaning of the word retarded?

Often Offensive . Affected with mental retardation. . Occurring or developing later than desired or expected; delayed.

What is wrong with people using the word mentally retarded?

Mental retardation was once a medical diagnostic term, but society turned it into something derogatory and hurtful. It is no longer acceptable in this and many other societies to identify anyone with a developmental or intellectual disability as "retarded" and continuing to use the "R" word after having been informed makes that person a bully. Now YOU know.

How do retarded people get retarded?

Different ways. Doctors are able to assign a specific cause in only about 25% of the cases. In general, something happened to the baby before the baby was born. It may have been an infection, that the mother was exposed to harmful chemicals, a genetic problem, or some type of physical injury to the unborn child. A few of the things known to cause problems in mental development include Fragile X chromasome (genetic) Measles and HIV (infection) exposure to lead (environmental) and malnutrition. This is a very short answer to a very LARGE field of study.

What is the alternate words for HOME?

House, dwelling, residence, domicile, lodging, habitat, abode, motherland, fatherland, palace, villa, castle, chateau, all meaning a place where you live, a place where your family lives, or the region that you come from, or the country where your family comes from. The word "Home" can mean lots of different things, though, and your Roget's Thesaurus can give you many other words for "Home", many dozens of different synonyms for "Home", depending on which definition of "Home" that you are using.

What are alternate words for infinity?

beyond , boundlessness, continuity , continuum , endless time, eternity , expanse , extent , immeasurability, immensity, infinitude, limitlessness, myriad , perpetuity, sempiternity, space , ubiquity , unlimited space, vastitude, vastness endless

How do you use the word 'retardant' in a sentence?

The toddler's night gown is made of fire retardant material. The firefighter wore a flame retardant suit.

How many people say the word retard?

Any person that opens his mouth and says it can be counted. I don't think a formal census has ever been done to count how many people have said that word. It's not a nice word. I don't recommend using it.

How many times a day is the word retard said?

The world is a big place and there are many people. Only God could answer this question.

What are other words relating to retarded?

birdbrained, defective , dim , dim-witted, dopey, dull , imbecile. . ---. There are other words too but they seem offensive. .