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What is an alternative word for in fact?


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2009-01-28 20:50:40
2009-01-28 20:50:40

Actually is an alternative word.


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Tagalog translation of ALTERNATIVE: kapalit

Meager, skimpy, and thrifty are alternative words for frugal.

Own, am in possession of.

Alternative medicine is very effective. alternative paths may present in front of us.

Another word for alternative is different.

The LAatin word for fact is Facto

different, other, another, second, possible, substitute, or replacement

Alt.Type your answer here...

Its εναλλακτικό (enalaktiko).

the fact that it IS unique, unlike most radio garbage.

The word 'fact' is a noun, a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for something known or believed to be true; a word for a concept, a word for a thing.

"Fact" is a root word for "factual", "factor" etc.

It is used as a softer alternative to the more common F word.

In fact it is very frequent to have this type of dream if that alternative is something that was a high to mid priority in your day.

Whilst "fudge" is an acceptable alternative, it is not "the" f word.

The word pseudonym is a fictitious alternative to a person's legal name.

The word plow can be a noun. It is an alternative spelling of the word plough.

'Thrive' is a good alternative.

particulars, aspect, factors

Leaflets is one alternative.

Another word that you can use for 'in fact' is actually, really, or indeed.

No India is not a word for fact or opinion. India is a word for a country.

An alternative word for guess would be hypothesis if you want to get formal.

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