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What is an antique Faberge black widow broach worth?

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On the show Pawn Stars it was valued at $15,000.Hope this helps. No,That's the price Papa Pawn gave the clueless lady who brought it in and originally only asked $2000. PapaPawn offered $15k an later rejected $17k, $16k & $15,500 from her saying he probably couldn't sell it tomorrow?? I want to really know what Papa Pawn sold this Rare Exquisite Faberge broach for? $50,000-100,000+ to a collector who saw the show? $10 says that if the cameras weren't there, Rick would have given her $2000.

I hope he can sleep at night... actually I am sure he does... he has NO Conscious as he so tried to convince people that he does...... Yes, he is in the buisiness, but he well knew the huge margin of profit and truly took advantaged of this woman..... I was a fan of this show, up until seeing this episode...... good--bye RIP OFF STARS!
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