What is an antique Faberge black widow broach worth?

What is an antique Faberge black widow broach worth?
On the show Pawn Stars it was valued at $15,000.Hope this helps. No,That's the price Papa Pawn gave the clueless lady who brought it in and originally only asked $2000. PapaPawn offered $15k an later rejected $17k, $16k & $15,500 from her saying he probably couldn't sell it tomorrow?? I want to really know what Papa Pawn sold this Rare Exquisite Faberge broach for? $50,000-100,000+ to a collector who saw the show? $10 says that if the cameras weren't there, Rick would have given her $2000.

I hope he can sleep at night... actually I am sure he does... he has NO Conscious as he so tried to convince people that he does...... Yes, he is in the buisiness, but he well knew the huge margin of profit and truly took advantaged of this woman..... I was a fan of this show, up until seeing this episode...... good--bye RIP OFF STARS!
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How do you eliminate black widow spiders?

Cleaning carpets and floors; eliminating access, food, and  hideaways; keeping objects (excluding furniture) off floors; using  aerosols, dusts, and sprays; and vacuuming sa (MORE)

Is antique jewelry worth more?

Yes, antique jewelry is worth more than jewelry todayNot necessarily so. Modern jewellery from a well known maker with high quality materials is probably more valuable than th (MORE)

Can a black widow spider kill you?

Via http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/bugs/black-widow-spider/: "...contrary to popular belief, most people who are bitten suffer no serious damage-let alone dea (MORE)
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Do black widow spiders kill you?

Males are rarely seen and are relatively harmless. The female's bite is poisonous to humans and is sometimes fatal. This spider is not aggressive and bites humans only in defe (MORE)
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Identifying a Black Widow Bite and How to Seek Treatment

When a black widow spider bites, it secretes a protein that is called a neurotoxin because of its effect on the central nervous system. When compared to the venom of every oth (MORE)
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Creatures of the Desert: Interesting Facts About Black Widow Spiders

Black Widow spiders are among the most dangerous of all the spiders in North America. With a venom that is more than 15 times as toxic as that of a rattlesnake, female black w (MORE)
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The Meaning of the Black Widow Spider Tattoo

Different tattoos mean different things to the people who get them. Some tattoos are incredibly unique, while others follow a trend but still have a personal meaning. Black wi (MORE)
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Poisonous Spiders Found in Arizona

Would you recognize a Black Widow spider when you see one? This noteworthy spider is a member of the group of poisonous arachnids in the vast state of Arizona. For your own pr (MORE)

Are baby black widows poisonous?

  Answer   All black widows are poisonous, some say the young ones even more so, However at such a small size their fangs are not likely to penetrate a humans skin.
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Can black widows kill you if they bite you?

yes, the black widow's poison is 9 times stronger than the venum of a rattle snake. One drop could kill up to 6 people. ----------------------------------------------------- (MORE)
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Do black widow spiders have predator?

No. Female black Widow Spiders, are about twice the size of males. And females have a symbol, on the back of their lower abdomen, which looks much like an hourglass. And fem (MORE)

Why does the female black widow kill the male black widow?

Because she's hungry. Most spiders are cannibals and will eat each other if the opportunity arises. However, the only Black Widow species where the female has been observed to (MORE)