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In comparison to normal sinus pulse, an arrythmia is an abnormality in the operation of the heart, translating into an abnormal pulse.
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How is an arrhythmia diagnosed?

When no pulse is felt. Arrhythmia is with out rhythm which means the heart is not beating regular or irregular, is is simply not beating.

Can cardiac arrhythmia kill people?

Cardiac arrhythmia refers to a constellation of abnormal heart rhythm and/or irregular heart beat. Some can be life threatening (fatal) while others merely bothersome. Any irr

What is arrhythmias?

Arrhythmia is a problem with the rate or rhythm of the heartbeat of  a person.

What is the basic cause of arrhythmia?

Many types of heart disease cause arrhythmia. Coronary disease is often a trigger. It triggers arrhythmia because coronary heart disease produces scar tissue in the heart. Som

What is the medical term for cardiac arrhythmia?

Cardiac arrhythmia refers to abnormal heart rhythm, as measured with an ECG. A "normal" rhythms is called a "Sinus Rhythm", as it originates in the Sinoatrial node of the hear

What are pulses?

    Answer       Pulses are important food crops due to their high protein and essential amino acid content.     BEANS (pulses)     Pigeon

What is the difference between arrhythmia and fibrillation?

In the true meaning of the word, a= without; the only arrhythmia is asystole which is an absence of heart beats. Fibrillation is a dysrhythmia, dys= not, characterized by f

Why hypoxia cause arrhythmia?

Hypoxia-->pCO2 increase-->chemoreceptors are stimulated-->VMC stimulated-->trachyarrythmia

Is a heart arrhythmia the same as a heart attack?

Is Heart Arrhythmia The Same As A Heart Attack?   There not the same. A heart attack (also known as a myocardial infarction) is the death of heart muscle from the sudden bl

Where is your pulse?

  A pulse can be found where and artery passes over a bone, for example, in your wrist (also known as the radial pulse).

Why do you have a pulse?

We have a pulse because every time the heart beats, it makes a pulse. So when you can't feel your pulse it means your heart has stopped beating.
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What causes arrhythmia?

imbalance in your blood - coronary artery disease - injury from heart attack
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How can one treat cardiac arrhythmia?

Cardiac arrhythmia only needs to be treated if it is causing signigicant symptoms, or puts you at risk for a greater health problem. It can however be treated with medications