What is an example of evolution?

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The peacock, though it is often used by creationists as an argument against evolution, is a great example of how it works. It has been proved that peahens will choose males with brighter colors. Therefor, if they continue to only mate with the brightest males, then only the brightest males will pass on their genes, and then only the brightest of that generation will pass on their genes. Over time brighter and brighter birds emerge until you have something as flamboyant and unnecessary as the peacock. Because of this, the alleles for the less bright peacocks will fade away (natural selection).
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What is an example of divergent evolution?

Basically, divergence is the "default mode" of evolution. So virtually all species you can think of would be examples of divergence. Even in cases of parallel and convergent evolution, the underlying genomes will continue to diverge. An often used example of divergent evolution in the morphological (MORE)

What is an example of convergent evolution in the tundra?

Convergent evolution is said to have occurred when species whichare very different from one another have developed very similartraits. This type of evolution is said to happen as a result ofhaving to adapt to specific environments, such as a tundra. Anexample of convergent evolution in the tundra is (MORE)

What is an example of direct evidence for evolution?

Evolution is the change in allele frequency over time in a population of organisms. This is observed and observable. In plant this can be seen in one generation by the process of polyploidy. Where chromosome number can double, for example, in one mating and thus fulfill the definition of both evolut (MORE)

Give an example of evolution?

birds are evolved from reptiles and the proof is the fossil record of archeopterix.......which is half bird and half reptile.

An example for evolution?

My favourite example of evolution is the development of multicellular organisms (this has also been observed). A kind of eukaryotic cell once started to bind to its fellow cells in order to make it more difficult for predators to kill them. This is an example of evolution as a result of predation, a (MORE)

Three examples of direct evidence for evolution?

1. Rudimentary parts. For example, whales and snakes, who have absolutely no use for a pelvis or legs, still have useless remnants of these hidden internally. This shows that their ancestors did have legs, and eventually evolved to not need them anymore. Therefor, they slowly shrank over time to con (MORE)

What are 3 examples of evolution?

In terms of biological evolution, every species on Earth has evolved from previous species, and every anatomical feature, and every chemical pathway or other biological trait is also the product of evolution. Multicellular organisms evolved from unicellular organisms. Mammals and birds both evolved (MORE)

What is an example of cultural evolution?

Cultural evolution regards the changes and adaptations to asocieties identity, sensitivities, perspectives, and behaviors overtime. The transformation of closed societies to globalization is amajor example of cultural evolution in action. Demographic changesand global migration are also another driv (MORE)

Where can scientists find an example of evolution?

Humankind is the perfect example. We have shown with fossils that there are numerous transitional forms, from apelike predecessors, to simple hominins to hominids, to more recent ancestors to the modern homo sapiens . We have shown via genetic, physiological and anatomic comparisons that humans are (MORE)

An example of direct evidence for evolution is?

An example of direct evidence for evolution is found in CAM and C4 plants. Photosynthetic adaptations such as C4 and CAM plants represent alternate modes of carbon fixation that have evolved to minimize photorespiration and optimize the Calvin cycle, even in hot climates. Although rubisco catalyzes (MORE)

What is one example of evolution occurring today?

Almost any animal you can name is evolving to some degree. However, specific examples include AIDS and influenza, which are constantly evolving at a rate we can discern, as do most bacteria and viruses.

How are fossils an example of evolution?

Fossils show certain species underwent small changes over a period of years the rock in which the fossil is encased dates the fossil and so they can put them in order to show the progression of the physical changes

List three examples of evidence for evolution?

There are countless examples that evolution is present and active on Earth- 1. Darwin's finches evolved varying beaks that suited different forms of food that was consumed. The beaks are continuing to evolve to this day. 2. A population of tropical butterflies (Blue Moon butterflies) have evolved (MORE)

Two examples of why the theory of evolution is true?

"why the theory of evolution is true" ... you seem to assume that it is true. I can give two examples of why it's not true. 1.) it contradicts the laws of thermodynamics. (matter tends to go from order to disorder) 2.) The stunning amount of stars that exist. Gasses tend to dissipate, not pull t (MORE)

What is an example of evolution vs creationism?

Evolution believes that life was formed from nutrients at thebottom of oceans around volcanic pillars a few billion years ago,then evolved into the creatures we are today over billion of years.

What is an example of evolution by natural selection?

An example of evolution by natural selection would be: There is a species of beetle living in a wooded forest full of yellow flowers. Thankfully the beetle is colored to look like the plant and hides extremely well. But a sudden disease kills off the yellow flowers leaving only a species of red fl (MORE)

Is pesticide resistance an example of evolution?

Yes , pesticide resistance is an example ofevolution. Specifically, evolution can embrace a changed reaction to a changedenvironment. Pesticide use effects environmental changes throughthe injection of active ingredients to chase away, decrease thenumbers of, or eliminate the presence of fauna and (MORE)

Example of divergent evolution?

Australopithecus an amersis to Australopithecus afarnesis and Australopithecus bahrelghazal. Australopithecus afarensis to Australopithecus africanus to Australopithecus garhi. Australopithecus afarensis to Paranthropus aethiopicus. Australopithecus atheiopicus to paranthropus boisel and paranthropu (MORE)

Describe an example of divergent evolution?

The human foot verses the chimpanzees foot, for instance. Both organisms diverged from common ancestry, but their feet were subject to vastly different environmental pressures and function in very different ways now, though their commonality is rather obvious.

Why is evolution not an example of science?

Evolution as science is probably the most thoroughly debunked aspect of communism. Based on wild theories about the most surface level similarities in how various species look, evolution simply fails whenever put the simplest test of observation. Simply put, there are no missing links. Evolution, we (MORE)

What are the examples of evolution happening today?

There are no examples of 'evolution' happening today. People look at a type of bird in England then a bird in Hawaii. It's the same type of bird, but they look different. Unfortunately, many people's answer is,"Evolution!". The truth is, the birds probably flew there, laid some eggs, and began to ad (MORE)

What are two examples of evolution?

In preparation for Charles Darwin's upcoming 200th birthday, the editors of Nature compiled a selection of especially elegant and enlightening examples of evolution. digg They describe it as a resource "for those wishing to spread awareness of evidence for evolution by natural selection." Given (MORE)

What is an example of micro-evolution?

You are an example of human micro-evolution as the population of humans has changed allele frequency over time. Micro-evolution is just evolution; change over time.

Why peppered moths experiment is an example of evolution?

The peppered moth story only provides evidence for genetic intrinsic computer programs (DNA) of different types of Flora and Fauna...in this case...moths. It does not give evidence for increase complexities of the original DNA and protein coupled systems (involving new organs or body plans). It does (MORE)

What are some examples of divergent evolution?

All reproductively isolated populations diverge genetically. Even in cases where convergent evolution occurs, this is only at the behavioural and morphological level. At the molecular and the genetic level, even these instances still diverge at the genetic level.

What is the example of adaptation and evolution?

A common example of evolutionary adaptation is that of the giraffepopulation eventually having longer necks, even though they havethe same number of vertebrae as humans and most other mammals. Evolution is driven by two things: random mutation and naturalselection. Mutations add to the variability (MORE)

Are there any examples of macro-evolution?

Only a creationist would use such a term, but there are many examples of evolution in the fossil record. The evolution of whales from fossils found mainly in Pakistan is well documented and we know that their ancestor was a four-footed land animal. Using genetic testing we know the nearest living re (MORE)

What is an example of observed evolution?

There are many thousands of papers, even considering only recentpublications, that detail examples of contemporary evolution. Someof these are about experimental evolution, others aboutobservations of evolution in the wild. The following (fairly recent) paper details one of suchobservations, in thi (MORE)

What are examples of post-Darwin evidence for evolution?

Such examples are too numerous to comprehensively list in just a short answer. Fact is, the evidences Darwin listed are the most basic observations: science back then could provide no more. Since then, science has advanced greatly, and 150 years worth of genetics, molecular biology, embryology, p (MORE)

How is homologous structures an example of evolution?

Though the forelimb of your cat or dog does not look much like your arms these are homologous structures that are almost identical bone for bone. This shows the common ancestry of all tetrapods and the closer common ancestry of you and your mammal pets.

What is an example of embryological evidence for evolution?

Embryological development often produces atavistic features thataren't found in the adult form, but are found in more basal formsof the same lineage. An example of this is the pharyngeal archesfound in embryological stages of human beings. At one stage, theyare indistinguishable from the structures (MORE)

What are examples of evidence of evolution?

Two related examples are comparative morphology and comparativeembryology. Look at the fore limb of your dog or cat and you cansee, bone for bone, common ancestry between you and your pets. Now,of one looks at the early development of all organisms underdiscussion here one will see remarkable simila (MORE)

What is an example of rapid evolution?

One possible example of rapid adaptation to a changing environmentis the Italian wall lizard - Podarcis sicula. In 1971, ten adult P.sicula specimens from the island of Kopište were transported 3.5 kmeast to the island of Mrčara, where they founded a new bottleneckedpopulation. When scientists (MORE)

What are some examples of non-evolution?

some examples If the change is not good and not around the next generation, then it is non-evolutionary. A cowwith a foot growing out its shoulder, comes to mind.