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An innovator is a person who makes changes; a person who introduces new methods or procedures; an innovator is a creative person
A "Innovator" is like a engineer...they make and change stuff like constructions and invention.
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What is innovation?

Essentially, Innovation is the successful exploitation of new ideas. These can be ideas for products, services or processes. It includes both radical new ideas and incremental

What is an innovation?

An innovation is the process of innovating. Also, an innovation is a new method, idea, and/or product. The synonyms is novelty and newness. Innovation: a new idea, device, or

How do you be innovative?

Look for complacency. It fuels innovation.. Innovation can be as simple as rearranging things already in place or looking at things from different perspectives.. 6 point

What is innovative?

Being or producing something like nothing done or experienced or created before; "stylistically innovative works"; "innovative members of the artistic community"; "a mind so i

What are innovative abilities?

  Innovative abilities would be the ability to innovate.   "The first person ever" to do something has innovative abilities.

What are innovations?

Innovation can actually mean a couple different things.  Essentially, it can mean the process of inventing something, or the  invention itself.

What is innovative technology?

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Innovation in Israel?

Israel's innovations are large and varied. From Nobel Prizes for medicine, physics and literature, to technological and military innovations. But overall, this topic is simp