What is another name for Chinese gooseberries?

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Kiwifruit or Kiwi is another name for Chinese gooseberries [Actinidia deliciosa]. Other common names include Wood berry, Wonder or Unusual fruit, Vine or Macaque pear, Sunny or Macaque peach, and Hairy bush fruit. The name 'Chinese gooseberry' honors the plant's native range in China, and the plant's flavor reminiscent of the unrelated gooseberry [Grossulariaceae family]. The name 'kiwi' honors its New Zealand growers and exporters.
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Where are Chinese gooseberries from?

Chinese Gooseberries are native to north-central and eastern Chinaare more commonly known as Kiwifruit. Note: Some people may know ofthem as "kiwis", this is the name for one

Where do Chinese gooseberries grow?

Chinese Gooseberries . Chinese gooseberries (kiwifruit) carrying the ZESPRI label are something special - juicy, delicious, nutritious. And just as they are great to eat, s

What country do Chinese gooseberries come from?

Chinese gooseberries are from china but is now called kiwifruit or shorted to just kiwi, name after the animal kiwi (a brown flightless bird and New Zealand's National Symbo

Where are Chinese gooseberries grown?

Italy is the leading grower and producer of Chinese gooseberries [Actinidia deliciosa]. Other important countries in Chinese gooseberry production include Chile , China ,

What is another name for Chinese gooseberry?

猕猴桃 Mi(2) Hou(2) Tao(2). It's also the Chinese name for Kiwi Fruit. Chinese gooseberry is an older, common name for the fruit of a woody vine of New Zealand. I

Where did the gooseberry get its name?

The origin of the English word 'gooseberry' [ Ribes uva-crispa ] has topological origin. The generic is the simple joining of the words 'goose' and 'berry'and the shape of fru

What color is a Chinese gooseberry?

The Chinese Gooseberry is the Kiwi fruit. Given the name Kiwi because they are very much grown in New Zealand, whose people are known as 'Kiwis' after one of their unique bird