What is back up for an ambulance?

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This depends on what country you are in but in the UK there generally is no back up for an ambulance. An emergency ambulance can be crewed by a paramedic and technician, by two technicians, by a paramedic and EMT-1, or by a technician and EMT-1. Sounds confusing eh?... it is!

Where less senior clinicians (technicians and EMT-1's) work together and require additional skills to stabilize a patient before making way to the nearest hospital, they may be able to call for the assistance of a paramedic who may be free to assist and respond to the scene in an ambulance car...

Where this is not possible the crew will simply transfer a patient as an am emergency admission to hospital.

A paramedic may also request additional assistance from a more senior clinician such as BASICS doctors who may (usually for major incidents) respond to the scene to assist as needed.

For certain incidents such as a road traffic collision, any clinician, using guidelines may call for the assistance of a helicopter medical team (if available) to assist in the swift transfer of time critical patients.

Beyond this, ambulance staff have the remote support of a control center with skilled staff to provide information to them.

Other countries such as the United Sates and Canada have similar backup plans in place though they may very from region to region.
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