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hacking, stalking
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What is an example of bad business ethics?

I have two good examples based on my experience from my previous employer. the first is lacking integrity or dishonesty in the form of "inconsistent attitudes" toward the peop

Why the Internet is bad?

In my opinion, the only reason the internet is bad, is the creepers that post bad things on it.

What is having a bad work ethic?

Like if you dont do you're homework.. Or you hold everything off until the last minute..   Another Answer:   Some bad work ethics could be: Lie about the number of hou

What is an example of a bad work ethic?

A bad work ethic is procrastination (waiting until the last minute to get things done). Another one is being unreliable and not getting work done at all. The worst is a lack o

What is internet ethics and copyright laws?

Copyright laws apply to digital materials in the same way they apply to physical materials, but because the internet makes infringement so cheap and easy, it becomes an ethica

How is internet bad?

Because of adult content, public nudity, viruses, uneducated grammar, and many more. You should treat the Internet like any large city. There are museums, art galleries, libra

What are the social and ethical implications of providing Internet?

File sharing is totally legal, sharing files (such as music) when the receiver of the shared file has not purchased the file (music) it is completely legal for someone who has

What are some examples of bad ethics?

Killing another human being just because you felt like it would be a morally wrong or ethically bad act. Another would be cheating on your spouse when you promised not to. Ano

What is an ethically bad life and How do you know?

An ethically bad life is one in which a person does what they want  even if it causes harm to others. You may know someone is living  this kind of live if they are secretive