What is better Debt settlement or bankruptcy 13?

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Debt settlement by far. If you go through bankruptcy, you may still owe and have to pay the debts, AND you will have this ugly mark on your credit rating that will haunt you for the next seven year or longer. Best option is not to go into debt. Pay cash whenever possible.
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Is debt consolidation better than bankruptcy?

Yes - consolidating debt into a repayment plan or option shows you are taking positive steps to address debt and pay it off - although your credit score may be low it should i

Can you add existing debts to your bankruptcy that were created after you have filed chapter 13?

You have a serious problem: You are in contempt of court and may well be subject to all types of legal processes and have your BK dropped. You need legal help immeadiately..

Is debt consolidation a better than bankruptcy?

Answer Bankruptcy is a complicated process and it should be a last resort as it will damage person's credit for up to 10 years. Consolidating debt is always a better way to s

What is better debt settlement or consolidation?

Hello There, Honestly it depends on your financial situation. In nutshell 1. If you are paying all your monthly payments on time, you think the interest rate is very hig

Bankruptcy or Debt Settlement?

A bankruptcy will be listed and hold your credit score down for 10 years, while the delinquent payments incurred while enrolled a Debt Settlement program will be there for onl

What debts get discharged in chapter 13 bankruptcy?

There is an excellent book that provides both a thorough perspective and key detail about chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy:. "The New Bankruptcy, will it work for You?" 3r

Can the bankruptcy trustee take a personal injury settlement after filing a chapter 13?

Yes. The injury lawsuit must be disclosed in the BK schedules. If it is of nominal value, the trustee may abandon it. If there is serious money however, the trustee can prosec

Is it better to file bankruptcy or do a debt consolidation?

Of course, it's up to you to decide, but I think that it's much better to apply for debt settlement provided by debt consolidation companies rather than file babcruptcy. The m

Can my Debt Settlement amount be included in my bankruptcy?

Your best bet is to cancel your plan, and file bankruptcy. To have both is a bad bet. Most debt settlement claims aren't very useful in the long run, and you'll probably end u