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What is better a HD ready TV or a full HD TV?

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yes, HD ready means lower resolution than full HD. full HD is capable of 1080 pixels whereas HD ready is only capable of 720 pixels.
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What is the meaning of HD ready TV?

  Answer   HD ready tv is High Definition - meaning more clear, concise and crisp picture as well as sound. There is special programming through your cable for thi

How do you know if your tv is HD ready?

If your television is HD or HD ready, the manual and all the sales information will proudly tell you so. Take a look in the manual and you will have your answer.

What is the difference between a true HD TV and an HD ready TV?

Many LCD and plasma televisions are labelled as HD ready. What it  means is that the television will display an HD signal but the  image may not be HD quality. All LCD and p

How do you get HD on your tv?

  First, you must have an HDTV. Thus I would start by asking what make and model set you have. If you are certain that you have an HDTV then there are a variety of ways to

What is the difference of a HD ready TV and a full HD TV?

The HD Ready TV will need a OUTBOARD TUNER such as a DirecTV box or a Cable TV box to act as the missing tuner. A full HDTV already has a High Def. tuner installed or built in

What is better LCD TV's or HD TV?

This question is not really relevant. LCD is a technology to make or produce a television like CRT, (Cathode Ray Tube aka Picture Tube) DLP, LED and so on. HD TV refers to a p