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What is capt James t kirk's favorite drink?

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A quote (paraphrased) "Note, do not drink Andorian Ale at Diplomatic Functions"

So as a guess that and Coffee
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What is in a James t kirk drink?

  The James "Tea" Kirk contains:   3/4 oz Bacardi Superior (or other white rum) 3/4 oz Gin 3/4 oz Vodka 3/4 oz Blue Curaco 1 oz Sprite (or 7up or other Lemon Li

What are James Kirk's signature phrases on Star Trek?

Well, there's only one signature phrase that you hear in just about every episode. That would be "Scotty, beam us up." There was one episode where Kirk did say otherwise. "L

What is capt James T Kirk's middle name?

His middle name is Tiberius. And I'd like all you "fans" to note that Captain Kirk was not always a Captain. He was once upped to the rank of Admiral and therefore he lost th

What is James Bond's favorite drink?

Books  In the James Bond novels he drinks a total of 317 drinks. His favourite drink is a straight whiskey (101 total) He has 30 glasses of champagne, and in "You Only Live

What is Selena gomez's favorite drink?

Selena Gomez's Favourite drink is actually dandelion and burdock! Top 3 drinks! 1. Dandelion and Burdock 2. Pepsi Max 3. Tea! I belive her favorite drink is... um... I think

What is the French's favorite drink?

Very probable - cognac. Also: calvados, armagnac, champagne, pastis, absynthe, wine, beers The French, collectively, probably drink more water than anything else. Wine a