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It is a chemical reaction (exothermic) in which a fuel is a burned. Reactants of combustion are basically fuel + oxygen. Complete combustion gives carbon dioxide while incomplete combustion results in carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide (commonly known as 'soot').
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What is combustibility?

Combustibility refers to how readily a substance is able to react with oxygen within the air.

What is combustion chamber size of a 1974 Chevy 350?

If it's stock then they are most likely 76 CC large chamber low compression heads. Only way to be absolutely sure is take them off and see, but if you're sure it's a 74 then c

What is combustion of gasoline?

Gasoline is composed of 20% C8H18, 20% C9H20, 15% C10H22, 15% C11H24, 8% C6H6, 10% C7H8, 10% C8H7 and 2% C8H10 by mass. The Specific Gravity of Gasoline is .74 2C8H18 + 25O2

What is combustion or burning?

Combustion or burning is the chemical reaction of a substance in the presence of oxygen. This can be understood with a simple example. Fire is not enough to burn a paper, it a

Explain what is combustion?

  Combustion is a process in which two or more chemicals or substances combine together by a chemeical reaction