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It is a chemical reaction (exothermic) in which a fuel is a burned. Reactants of combustion are basically fuel + oxygen. Complete combustion gives carbon dioxide while incomplete combustion results in carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide (commonly known as 'soot').
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What is anaerobic combustion?

Anaerobic reactions are such reactions that do not require air  in order to occur. Anaerobic combustion would be something burning  without ambient oxygen. Traditional examp

What is combustible?

Combustible materials are things that will burn.

Explain what is combustion?

  Combustion is a process in which two or more chemicals or substances combine together by a chemeical reaction

What is ''combustion''?

Combustion is an exothermic ('exo' means out- which occurs due to  the release of energy) process in which burning of a fuel takes  place by oxidation in the presence of oxy

What is rapid combustion?

A combustion reaction which takes place at a high speed and with the release of a huge amount of heat and light is known as rapid combustion.

What elements are combustible?

Hydrogen is the only combustible element, other elements, need an interaction with "something else" other than its self to be combustible. Therefore Hydrogen is the only "fu

Is plasma combustible?

No, plasma is not combustible. Plasma is not something that can be  combustible without additional chemicals, as it is relatively cool.

Is Mercury Combustible?

No, Mercury is non-combustible. Mercury is a natural chemical that  exists in the Earth's crust and it is used in many different  industries.

What is combustion of gasoline?

Gasoline is composed of 20% C8H18, 20% C9H20, 15% C10H22, 15% C11H24, 8% C6H6, 10% C7H8, 10% C8H7 and 2% C8H10 by mass. The Specific Gravity of Gasoline is .74 2C8H18 + 25O2

What is abnormal combustion?

Abnormal means NOT NORMAL i.e. the combustion which is going on with insufficient air flow producing major quantity of unburnt fuel with carbon mono oxide in the flue gases .

What are the examples of combustibility?

Combustibility: a reaction of a material with oxygen (oxydation) resultind carbon dioxide and water. Examples: combustion of coal, methane, propane, oil, paper, wood, etc.