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What is different between distance learning and E learning?

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Distance Learning "Distance learning" is an instructional delivery system that connects learners, regardless of their location, with educational resources. As distance learning normally occurs in a different place from teaching, it requires special techniques of course design, instructional design and communication. Distance learning uses technology to make possible new approaches to the teaching/learning process, rather than simply the addition of technology to instruction. eLearning "eLearning" is a term that refers to a broad range of electronically distributed teaching and training materials. It most commonly refers to anytime, anywhere electronic or computer-supported learning and is often associated with online courses.
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The different between learning and acquisition?

Learning is acquisition, but acquisition is not necessarily learning. When one learns, that person acquires knowledge. Acquire means to gain something or to receive something.

What is the difference between distance learning and traditional learning?

Distance learning programs give their criteria and busy work via mail or web-liner. All work is done at the leisure of the student. Traditional learning takes place in a lectu

What is difference between learn and study?

Learn means, to gain knowledge or skills by study, experience, or being taught. Study means, to devote time and attention to gain knowledge on an academic subj, esp. by means

What is the difference between learned and learned?

The British English way of the past tense word learn is learnt. The American English way of the past tense word learn is learned. "Learnt" is more used in UK and Canada whil

What is the difference between learning and thinking?

"Think about what you have learned" is a common expression. I find  this helps to undertand what the difference is. Clearly there is a  difference, yet they are quite simila

What is the difference between learning and teaching?

Learning: is the desired change in the behavior of the individual results from passing a certain expertise. Teaching: This is to help the individual to learn. Or the activi