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What is displaced distal radius fracture?

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Your radius is in your forearm. You have two bones in the forearm - the radius and the ulna. If you place your hand palm facing upwards towards the ceiling your radius bone is on the side of your thumb. Distal means at a point further from the attachement to the body, meaning closer to the wrist than the elbow. Displaced means out of place, meaning the broken bone has been knocked out of its usual position. So, putting it all together a displaced distal radius fracture is a break in your forearm bone on the side of the thumb which has been knocked out of its regular position by the break.
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How do you treat a buckle distal radius fracture right wrist little 5 year old?

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When do distal end of radius and ulna cross?

The distal ends of the radius and ulna cross during pronation of the hand. That is, when the hand is facing downward or backwards, the radius and ulna cross.