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Distal circulation refers to circulation that occurs at the furthest point of the central core. This includes the arms and legs.
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Meaning of distal?

  In medical terms it would be furthest away from the centre/main part. i.e. the distal part of the finger would be the end of the finger.

What is circulation?

Circulation describes the process of blood moving from the heart (the pump), out to the brain, major organs, then limbs all using the arterial blood vessels, and through the v

What is used of distal water?

Distilled water is the preferred liquid to refill automotive batteries that have been in service a while. While some batteries are sealed tops and cannot be serviced, there ar

When checking a casualty quality of distal circulation you are doing what?

To check distal circulation you are checking circulation in the extremities. You can apply pressure on the fingernails and toenails to see how quickly the blood returns which

Is the knee distal to the hip?

Yes. Distal means farther from the point of attachment or from the center of the body. So the knee is distal to the hip, and the food would be distal to the knee and so on.

What is circulation what does it do?

Circulation is the system of shunting blood throughout the body. The blood returns to the heart from systemic - or full body - circulation via the superior and inferior vena c

Distal convoluted tubule what happens in there?

if you think about it, the role of the loop of henle is to essentially get as high a concentration of salts in the collecting duct as possible to get concentrated urine becaus

What is a distal ureteral?

at the far end (distal) of the ureter (the tube through which one pees) the ureter is the tube between the kidney and the bladder.....the urethra is the tube that removes urin
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What is circulating?

.    move or cause to move continuously or freely through a closed  system or area.  "antibodies circulate in the bloodstream"       synonyms:  flow, cours