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What is distal salpingectomy?

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removal of the outside part (the ovary end) of the fallopian tube
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How much does a bilateral salpingectomy cost?

I have been looking for this answer too. We're due to start IVF soon and I need one tube removed (unilateral salpingectomy) I have been calling and emailing clinics in the

What is distallation?

it is the process when you seporate oxygen and air I LIKE TRAINS

What risks are associated with salpingectomy?

All surgery, especially under general anesthesia, carries certain risks, such as the risk of scarring, hemorrhaging, infection, and reactions to the anesthesia. Pelvic surgery

Where Distal is?

Distal in anatomy means farther away from a point than anotherpoint. For example, your fingers are distal to your upper arm. Youalways have to compare two things.