What is exposition essential to besides being vital to the plot?

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understanding the story.

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What is an exposition?

An exposition or argument presents the writer's point of view on an issue. Expositions can be essays, letters to the editor, speeches or blogs. An exposition is a piece of writing explaining the argument. You choose whether to go for or against the question or statement made.

How to plot vital signs?

If you check the vital signs at the same time with the same machine in the same circimstances everyday for a specified time, for example, take all the vital signs at say 08:00, everyday for a week or a month, with the same machine, in the same position. Write them down everyday then at the end of th (MORE)

What is a plot exposition?

Exposition is to provide some background information to inform the readers about the plot, theme, etc. The exposition of a plot is like the flashback of what happened before.When you are writing a story it is starting at the middle and then looking back on what happened before and then move (MORE)

Plot of the perks of being a wallflower?

The story is narrated by a teenager who goes by the alias of "Charlie"; he describes various scenes in his life by writing a series of letters to an anonymous person, whom he does not know personally.. The story explores topics such as introversion, teenage sexuality, abuse, and the awkward times o (MORE)

What hormones are essential for normal growth besides Growth Hormone?

Other hormones affecting growth include: \n \n. Prolactin: Stimulates IGF-1 \n. Insulin: Stimulates IGF-1 \n. Thyroid Hormone \n. Glucocorticoids \n. Estrogen \n. Testosterone \n. Growth hormone affects prolactin secretion, insulin, thyroid hormone, glucocorticoids, estrogen, and testosteron (MORE)

What is exposition in plot?

The part of the story that introduces important backgroundinformation about things that include the back story of acharacter, the setting, or things that happened before is theexposition in the plot. It gives you information that took placebefore the main plot and can be done in various ways that in (MORE)

What are the essential elements of being a true flappers?

During the early nineteen hundreds, the flappers represented a change in the American woman in society. They started showing skin with shorter skirts. They started wearing shorter hair and makeup. They skinny boyish figure was stylish at this time as well as unisex fashion. They drank, smoked cursed (MORE)

What role does the exposition play in the plot?

The exposition gives the audience the information it will need in order to follow the plot. It introduces the main characters, the setting (time and place), and the basic dramatic situation as it exists at the point of attack in the story. This is sometimes known as filling in the given circumstance (MORE)

What does exposition mean in the plot elements?

In a plot, the exposition part is when the setting and characters are introduced either directly or indirectly. It is direct when the names and personalities of each character is stated and it is indirect when it is only implied.

Which part of plot is also called the exposition?

Exposition is not part of the plot. Exposition is where things are explained to the reader, most often by the narrator but also by characters in the story. Usually exposition is concerned with setting.

What did Shakespeare do besides being a play writer?

He wrote poems too. He was also an actor and a co-owner of a playhouse. In later life he dabbled in real estate. There is considerable speculation as to what Shakespeare may have done before going into the theatre biz.

Why is Circulatory System is Essential for your Well Being?

the heart pumps bloodcalls around your body oxygen poos blood goes in the right autrium and then the right ventrical and the throught i forgot the name of th evein :) and into the lungs where oxygen for when we breath is transfered from airsacs in our lungs to our blood which goues into out left aut (MORE)

What is the exposition in a plot map?

An exposition is just basically the author laying out the groundwork in the beginning of the story by revealing the setting, relationships between the characters, and the situation as it exists before the conflict begins. The author provides background information the reader will need to know in ord (MORE)

How is internal conflict essential to the plot of a story?

It isn't essential. It is merely one of the options that a writer can use for his plot. Consider 'The Hound of the Baskerville's' there is no internal conflicts in this story. (Maybe a little in the servants.) Consider Hamlet Macbeth and Othello. Internal conflicts galore - as that is the conflict (MORE)

Why is blood vital to the well being of the human body?

It is the transportation system for the body. Red blood cells carry food and oxygen to other cells and waste to the liver, kidneys and lungs to be removed. White blood cells protect the body by fighting diseases. Platelets act as Band-Aids to seal up breaks/tears in the tissues.

What does a human skeleton do besides provide protection to vital organs?

Support The skeleton provides the framework which supports the body and maintains its shape. The pelvis, associated ligaments and muscles provide a floor for the pelvic structures. Without the rib cages , costal cartilages , and intercostal muscles , the heart would collapse. Movement The jo (MORE)

What is one essential of plot?

Plot just means what happens in the story. Whatever is essential to the story is also essential to the plot. One thing that does make a good story is conflict or tension, though.

What is the plot of the movie 'Being There'?

Being There is a 1979 American comedy drama. The plot is about a middle aged man who lives in the townhouse of a wealthy old man. His life is simple and when his benefactor dies he has to learn to survive in the real world.

Why is the brain vital and well being to the body?

You need to remember what caused the brain to enter Stage 3. With that new knowledge, the brain began to take control, because the heart was not do enough job because blood. After 15, a person can get many.

What is an essential part of being Catholic?

The essential part of being Catholic is believing in Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ. In His incarnation, death, and glorious resurrection for my salvation. Belief in Our Blessed Lord INCLUDES and DEMANDS participation in Mass, receiving the sacraments, being kind to our neighbor, caring for the poor (MORE)