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When you are afraid of chickens. ( I think I might have it{I still have nightmares about Foghornleghorn})
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What is fear?

F.E.A.R is a group on roblox it is an elete squadran of people and please add ironmonger7899

What phobia is the fear of chickens?

Answer . Alektorophobia is the fear of chickens or poultry.

What is the name for fear of chickens?

The fear of chickens is a phobia called ALEKTOROPHOBIA

How do you not have fear?

There is less danger on fighting than on fleeing. The most salutary fleeing is the forward one. The fear turned into courage.
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What is the phobia name for Fear of chickens?

The accepted phobia name for this condition is Alektorophobia.
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What is a fear?

its like being afraid of something or someone