What is federal id number for New York lottery?

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NY Lottery: "The number does appear on the W2-G in Box 13. Our Federal Employee Identification Number (FEIN) is: 14-1588338"
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Do you need a federal tax ID number to do repossessions?

Check with your accountant. SSN is the same. TaxID is mainly for corporations, not individuals.

Can you get a credit card with a Federal tax ID number?

Answer . \nFin numbers are for businesses. If the application is for personal credit cards or in some cases the sole owner of a business you may use a SS#.

How much taxes does someone pay when winning the New York lottery?

Answer . In the US - winnings of any sort of lottery, gambling, raffle, contest, etc are taxable as ordinary income. You won INCOME from someplace...and that is what income tax is paid on. . You will actually pay at your marginal rate, which depends on the tax for the State you live in (and in NY can vary within the State, especially with NYC, etc) and is on top of the US Federal rate you'll pay. That Federal rate is somewhere between 15% for low income, to about 25% for modest and quickly becoming about 32-35% for higher incomes. . If the sweepstakes is a winning of over $600, they may withhold the tax from the payout, frequently at a 20% rate, albeit what is withheld is not what one actually pays.

How much are federal taxes in New York?

Answer . Federal taxes are the same everyplace in the country...for everyone...and vary on many factors like income level, deductions, exemptions, etc. but, the identical someone (if that ever really happens) in Calif would pay the same as some one in Ohio and all the same as someone in NY ..... except that the State taxe you pay is a deduction against your federal income....and that may be different in every state.

How would you know if a tax id number is state or federal?

Answer . A federal tax ID number for an entity is 2 digits followed by a dash followed by seven more digits. (12-1234567). If the number is in that format, it is probably federal and may also be used as the state ID number, depending on the state. If still uncertain, call the company and ask them for their Federal ID #.

What do the numbers on the bottom right of a New York state ID mean?

The numbers on the bottom right of a New York state identificationcard are a document number. This is another way to validate thatthe identification card was given out by the state and not aforgery. It also helps identify the holder of the card.

Can you Buy a car with federal tax id number?

You can buy a car with a federal tax ID number. You can buy a carmany different ways as well as with other people.

Is a duns number the same as a federal tax id number?

No. A D&B D-U-N-S® Number is a unique, 9-digit businessidentification number issued by Dun & Bradstreet, while afederal tax id number or EIN is a separate business identificationnumber issued by the IRS.

How can you seal a federal conviction in new york?

Unfortunately, after extensive research the only relief available is by way of the New York State Parole Board, whcih is called a Certificate of Relief of Civil Disabilities, if you are successful in obtaining this docuent, it will restore you to all codes concerning licensing in New York State and other states may honor this certificate as well. As far as an outright seal, federal convictions are very difficult to deal with. Your only other form of relief is a Presidential Pardon which you can research as the Department of Justice website.

Are the DUNS and federal tax ID number the same?

No. A D&B D-U-N-S® Number is an identification number issued byDun & Bradstreet and a federal tax ID number or EIN is issuedby the IRS.

How do you go about selling Lottery and scratch off tickets at your New York state store?

To go about selling lottery and scratch off tickets at your NewYork state store, you will first have to fill out an application.Once your application is received and gone over someone will comeout to evaluate your store. After that if your store is accepted,you will be set up with lottery equipment.

What is the penalty in new york for fake id?

For New York state possession of a fake ID is a felony punishable for up to seven years.

Can you fly to Hawaii with your New York state ID?

Yes, you can take your Noddy-Badge or any documents or papers you want on the trip with you too.

How do you get a jamaican passport in New York if i dont have a Jamaican ID?

The Jamaican Consular General's office in New York is at 767 3rd Avenue, NY, NY 10017. The website address is http://www.congenjamaica-ny.org. On the site is all the information re getting a Jamaican Passport. Since you don't have an ID, I suggest you call 212-935-9000. Good luck!

Is it true that you dont need id to get a piercing in New York?

\nNo. If you want to get pierced at a decent piercing studio, you need a photo ID like anywhere else.

What is the Federal ID number of Penske Truck Leasing?

Depends. Are you looking for the "federal" tax id or TIN (Tax Identification Number) or the USDOT (United States Department of Transportation Number)? Penske has both and they are for different things, but are available for public knowledge anyway.

How long to drive from new york city to boise id?

The driving distance between Boise, ID and New York, NY is approximately 2470 miles. The driving time would be approximately 39 hours if you were to travel non-stop in good driving conditions. (The driving time does not take into consideration conditions which may extend trip time such as weather, road work, border crossings and rush hour traffic in urban areas.)

Can you get a discount on the New York City subway with a student ID?

Not exactly, no. Student Metrocards are available for kindergarten through 12th grade students. There are no Student Metrocards for college students. And your school gets the card for you. You do not get it directly from the MTA-NYCTA (Metro Transit Authority, which is the New York State transit authority, and New York City Transit Authority, which is a sub-division of the MTA). You certainly cannot present a student ID at the subway station and get a discount on your Metrocard, not least because most stations do not have full-time tellers (or any tellers at all), only Metrocard machines. So there is no one to show your ID to, anyway. Student Metrocards offer either half-fare or full-fare discounts, depending on how far you have to travel to and from school. They can be used only on school days, and only 3 times a day. See the Related Link below for more details.

How do you id specs on york furnace by model number?

Model and serial # nomenclature is usually on page one of the installation manual. If you don`t have that, try downloading it from their website.

How do you get a New York State Non-Driver ID?

You can get a non-driver's ID (aka a State Identification Card) at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). You will need 6 "points" of identification to do this: for example, a United States Passport counts as 4 points. A United States Social Security Card counts as 2 points. A U.S. College ID with photo and transcript counts as 2 points. A computer-printed pay stub, or a U.S. Union Card, or a U.S. Utility Bill, or a U.S. Health Insurance or Prescription Card count as 1 point each. The DMV's website can give you all the information you need about the procedure and the requirements. See the Related Links below.

What is the New York State ID?

The New York State ID is printed horizontally. It has a pink top with New York State in blue letters across the top. The owner's photo is printed on the left, with their signature directly below the photo. The background is a multi-colored pattern, with anti-counterfeit micro patterns included. The personal information is in the center. A smaller copy of the owner's photo is in the lower right. If the person is an organ donor, it will be printed below their picture. See the related link for an example.

The federal id number for Trinity Valley Community College in terrell Texas?

TRINITY VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE 100 CARDINAL DRIVE ATHENS Federal School Code: 003572 Note, this schools is in Athens Texas .

What is the Texas Lottery Commission's state id number used on tax returns?

You can find this information online. tax-id.com has a list of thedifferent ID numbers used in the state of Texas along with how toget one for your business.

What is the value of a 1913 New York Federal Reserve note?

Please check your bill again and post a new, separate questionincluding its denomination and seal color. The serial number isn'tneeded, however.

Can an illegal immigrant have a federal tax id number?

Yes. A non resident or resident alien can file for a ITIN (individual tax identification number) if there's a need, say if they are working here. Its a government process so it can take quite some time to get it though

What do you need to get a New York State ID card?

If you've never had a New York State ID or Driver's License before, then you need proof of your date of birth, your Social Security Card, and 4 "points" of proof of name. If you're not eligible for Social Security, then you need 6 points of proof of name (plus proof of date of birth), and a note from the Social Security Administration explaining why you are not eligible. Different forms of proof of name are worth a different number of points. For example, a major credit card counts as 1 point. A U.S. Passport is 4 points. A foreign passport is 3 points. A Permanent Resident Card is 3 points. A Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization is 3 points. A Welfare card with photo is 3 points; without photo, 2 points. A U.S. college ID with photo and transcript is 2 points. A U.S. utility bill or Union card is 1 point. You can access the complete forms explaining what you need at the Related Links below. The first is the NYS DMV homepage, the second is the page where you can download the forms.

What must you do get a tax preparer id number to do federal income taxes?

Why must you receive a Tax preparer ID number to do Federal Income Tax? That answer can be safely implied from (Way do we pay Taxes at all.) The reason is so the Government can keep tabs on you, your whereabouts and your belonging, then tax you at thee end of the year on all assets.

Can a convicted felon claim a Mega Million lottery ticket in new york?

Yes, he can. If the felon is incarcerated, then no-but if he is out then they can claim the tix. It will take showing the id so if that person is wanted by the law, they could get caught.

What is the federal tax id number of the Indiana Department of Revenue?

If it is in that way just ask one of ur friends or the person that gave it to u

Can a non-resident alien collect a New York lottery prize?

Yes, a non-citizen of the USA would collect a prize from the NY lottery the same way that a citizen would. The only difference is that the formula for income tax withholding would be different (although similar). Also different foreign countries have different treaties that would affect what taxes are owed. Under no circumstances, however, is a non-citizen prevented from collecting a lottery prize.

What is a valid ID to travel to Florida from new york?

If traveling by airplane: US driver's license, US non-driver's license, US passport, US passport card or foreign passport with VISA. If traveling by car: Driver must have driver's license. Passengers are not likely to need ID unless there is an accident or the car is pulled over by the police. In that case, the same IDs listed for airplanes are acceptable. If traveling by interstate rail or public bus (e.g., Amtrak or Greyhound, etc.): Same as for airplane. Keep in mind that many aliens are caught by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement while riding interstate rail or public bus.

What is j p Morgan chase federal id number?

The United States Federal Identification Number for the J.P. Morgan Chase company, that is, their IRS Employer Identification Number, is 13-2624428. This number is required for businesses or companies.

Does New york allows you to remain anonymous after winning the lottery?

Only 5 states let you remain anonymous, and unfortunately NY is not one of them.

What are a widow's rights over a New York State Lottery winner's remaining payments?

If all of the deceased assets are left to the widow, she retains the rights to the winnings.

Can you get a New York id without a social security card?

No. You cannot get a New York State driver's license or a New York State non-driver's ID if you do not present a social security card.

Is it possible to get a new ID for federal tax returns?

It is possible though it is incredible how difficult it is to get a new EIN. They must apply through a publication fifteen form and wait for it to go through the IRS which may take a whole year.

What is the average payout for the New York State Lottery?

The average payout for the New York State Lottery over the last 12 months has been $49,034 for the jackpot prize. One has the chance to win a other smaller prizes if one does not match all the numbers.

Will the winning lottery numbers be on the news?

The winning lottery numbers will be on the news. Typically, depending on the specified date of which they will be drawn, they are drawn at 9:00pm Central Time on News Channel 2.

How can one get a Federal Tax ID Number?

To get a Federal Tax ID number or Employer Identification Number, one may contact the nearest local IRS Field Office, call them direct, or visit the IRS website.

What is the federal tax id number used for?

The Federal Tax ID Number is also known as the EID (Employer Identity Number). There are various categories of individuals who require an EID. These include people who employ others, or operating a business as a partnership, or who hold a Keogh plan.

What are the odds of winning when buying tickets in the New York Lottery?

The odds of winning when buying tickets in the New York Lottery are different for different ticket types. The highest odd is 1 in 2.93 and the lowest odd is 1 in 5.14.

What is a federal tax ID number used for?

Also known as an Employer Identification Number (EIN), a federal tax ID number is used by many federal agencies involved in business regulation to identify a business.

How much tax is collected from a 2500 sctratch New York state lottery ticket?

The Lottery is required to report and withhold taxes according to the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service and the New York State Department of Tax and Finance.The current tax withholding rate for NY is 25%.

Are New Hampshire drivers licenses in compliance with the federal real id act?

No, New Hampshire drivers licenses are not yet in compliance withthe Federal Real ID Act.

Are New Mexico drivers licenses in compliance with the federal real id act?

No, New Mexico drivers licenses are not yet in compliance with theFederal Real ID Act.

Are New York drivers licenses in compliance with the federal real id act?

No, New York drivers licenses are not yet in compliance with theFederal Real ID Act.

Where is the American Federation Of Arts in New York City New York located?

The address of the American Federation Of Arts is: 305 E 47Th St #10, New York City, NY 10017

What is BROWARD COLLEGE federal ID number?

You will have to get this from Broward College. The federal IDnumber is the equivalent of an employer's social security numberand it will not be public information. It will be on any W-2 formsyou receive from them if they are your employer.

What is the Federal Tax ID Number for the CA Lottery?

When they send you the 1099 for your winnings last year it will belisted on that form.

How do you get to 26 Federal Plaza in New York?

The Jacob K. Javits Federal Building at 26 Federal Plaza, New York,NY 10278, is near Foley Square, Manhattan. Easiest transportationwould be by subway or bus routes with connecting routes, dependingon your starting point.