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Fetal programming is, simply, how early life events and environments affect later life of the fetus. Basically, DNA is set at conception - that doesn't change. But the way it folds up (and which bits are too 'folded' to be of any use) is able to change. This is currently a really big field in research at the moment! After all - if you can prevent people from getting serious health issues caused by events that happened before they were even born (or shortly thereafter), then you can save a lot of grief and money in later health (and associated emotional) costs!

The fetus is 'plastic' - it can adapt to some of the things life throws at it. If a mother is in a country with little food, the fetus is also affected by malnutrition, and can (particularly better in girls) adapt to this to prepare for postnatal (after birth) life. They are born able to make better use of small amounts of food ('thrifty phenotype' for survival). But this means that if there's actually a lot of food around when they are born, they can end up with obesity, cardiovascular problems, and several other issues, such as immune system alterations.

For example, see David Barker's work, or the effects of the Dutch Winter Famine on the later health of individuals who were born during or shortly after the famine - malnutrition in utero (during gestation) resulted in these individuals having higher risks of cardiovascular disease.
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Where does respiration happen in a fetal pig?

Respiration happens through the different parts of the respiratory system working together. The main site would be the lungs as it is where the exchange of Co2 and O2 occurs a

What are factors that effect fetal development?

Smoking, Absorption of Alcohol, and Medications that can cause birth deffects in pregnancy.

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What phylum does fetal pigs belong to?

Chordata. Fetal (also spelt foetal in some countries) refers to an unborn animal, in this case an unborn pig. Pigs are animals with backbones, they belong in the phylum Chorda

Cerebellum of a fetal pig function?

The cerebellum controls and integrates motor, sensory, and higher  mental functions. These include things such as thought, reason,  emotion, and memory.

What is fetal node?

developing embryo.

Does a fetal pig have teeth?

yes they are just pulled back further into the "lips" of the fetal pig's mouth. they are also quite sharp

How is a fetal pigs age determined?

you can determine the age of a fetal pig by the size of it, from its snout to its butt(length).
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  There are three major differences between normal circulatory pathways and fetal circulation. First, as you have already learned, oxygenated blood that is high in nutrien
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The period of gestation for the pig is 112-115 days. The age of your fetal pig can be estimated by measuring the body length from the tip of the snout to the attachment of the
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What is the scientific classification of a fetal pig?

Fetal pigs belong to the artiodactyla order, the suidae family, the  chordata phylum, and the Animalia kingdom. They also belong to the  theria subclass, the subfamily suina