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Food safety and hygiene are the things we need to do to prevent improper cooking, bacteria and other food-borne diseases. If you are working in a food premise like restaurants, food chains, or cafes then you will need to take a Food Hygiene Certification for you to understand different things about food safety and hygiene.
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Example of case study related to proper personal hygiene and food safety?

Personal hygiene in relation to food safety is extremely important  in the prevention of food borne illness. A person that handles food  should have clean hands and fingerna

What is the difference between food hygiene with food safety?

To put it simply, Food Safety relates to the proper storage of the  food, temperatures, prevention of cross contamination of foods,  etc.    Food Hygiene is part of f

Why are food sanitation and safety hygiene related to tourism?

Tourists are not going to enjoy their visit to any given tourist spot if they are served bad food that makes them sick. And if they do not enjoy their visit, they won't be com

What is the difference between food safety and personal hygiene?

The difference between food safety and personal hygiene is this; Personal Hygiene: Is when you wash your hands(a pain but we have to do it), don't pick your nose and things

Why are food safety hygiene and sanitation important in preparing food?

food sanitation & safety is important in preparing food because when your hand are dirty and you will serve a food to a customer... you can pass the germs to a customer and it

What is the importance of food personal hygiene and food safety?

The importance of personal hygiene and food safety in the food industry is that a lack of both will get people sick, may possibly lead to death, and then law suits. It can cau

Is it important to have food hygiene and safety?

Yes, because it will help you not to become ill and get serious diseases from the food you are eating. Without food safety you could cut yourself, make a fire, or hurt another

Why is sanitation safety and hygiene essential in any food service operation?

Are you serious?  That is the first class chef's learn in culinary school: Safety and Sanitation. You don't graduate unless you pass that class! You don't have to have gone t

What is the importance of food safety and hygiene?

Food safety and hygiene are crucial  when handling and preparing food. It is what prevents sickness,  death, and litigation. 

Why the food hygiene and safety is important?

Mainly to prevent food poisoning, but also to prevent physical, environmental and chemical contamination, and in relation to catering having upmost customer satisfaction.

What is the relevance of food hygiene and safety in veterinary public health and preventive medicine?

Food-borne illnesses remain a serious health threat to the general public. Food hygiene practices and food safety measures help to reduce the risk of food-borne illness by con

Why is sanitation safety and hygiene essential in any food service operatin?

its important to be sanitary when your cooking, or preparing food, so who ever's eating it doesn't get food poisoning. when you have food poisoning, you vomit, get cramps, and