What is full form of BTC in hotel industry?

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The full form of BTC in hotel industry is "bill to Company".

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What are the disadvantages of working in the hotel industry?

When my wife and I managed two hotels, we learned quickly that we were on the job 24/7. If anything went wrong, we had to be up and on it right away. We couldn't just take a trip any time we wanted. So it was confining. Hotel managers have to balance good customer service and high occupancy rates wi (MORE)

Disadvantages of hotel industry?

There are actually quite a few different disadvantages of having ahotel industry. The hotel industry is very complicated, complex,and hard to understand for example.

Importance of hotel industry?

The hotel industry is a business related to the provision ofaccommodation in lodging, foods and various types of services thatis intended for the public services. It is important and veryuseful because it is used by business events, travelerÕsaccommodation, beach accommodation and other important (MORE)

What are the factors affecting the hotel industry?

There are many factors that affect the hotel industry. The economyis a major factor that affects this industry. When the economy isbad, people do not travel as much. Civil unrest, or potentialdangers in an area also affect the industry.

What are the advantages of hotel industry?

The advantages of working in the hotel industry is that there are alot of jobs and plenty of room to move up. They also usually havetips associated on top of your base pay.

Why you wish to enter a hotel industry?

When interviewing for a job in the hotel industry you may be askedwhy you wish to enter this industry. Think about this before you goto the interview and prepare to explain your reasons as well asoffer experience and ideas you may be ready to bring to a new job.

What are the stages of industry hotel?

The stages of industry hotel are cyclical in nature. The three mainstages are based on the hotel industry's role in each century. The18th century was considered to be an agriculture age, the 19thcentury was considered to be an industrial age, and now the 20thcentury is considered to be an age of ser (MORE)

Why you joined hotel industry?

Hotel industry is a lucrative field offering many opportunities tomake a career and living. It is a tremendous opportunity forgrowth. A report from Ernst and Young states that Hotel Industry isexpected to grow in 2014.

What is the importance of computer in hotel industry?

A computer in the hotel industry is important for many reasons.Having a computer makes it much easier to keep track of guests,inventory, maintenance, and finances. All of this will help thehotel to run more smoothly.

What are the uses of computer in hotel industry?

Computer has a very vital use in hotel industry as it is used in all industries. It is used for recording reservation or booking, to record all data at the check in point when the guest arrive and also at the check out time too at the front desk department. It is also used to write different co (MORE)

History of hotel industry in the Philippines?

Hotel industry is a place often times visited by travelers and with a large number of population who love to rest and relax by lodging, taking reception in parties, anniversaries celebration, birthday, weeding, business meetings and seminars for they are looking for a nice and convenient location wh (MORE)

What is a flow chart of the hotel industry?

A general flow chart is the ongoing comparison of particular dataduring various time periods. An example of a flow chart of thehotel industry would be a hotels annual profits compared betweenyears 2000 through present 2014.

How was hotel industry started in world?

"Hotels" were called "Inns" in the 1700s and 1800s. Usually these establishments were "Tavern and Inn" businesses and were built along the major travel routes. Note that "roads" back then were primarily nothing more than muddy narrow paths big enough for a wagon (or 2 horses wide). In some colony st (MORE)

Industry profile for hotels and hospitality?

As a former employee in the hotel business the profile for the hotel industry is dismal at best. Following 9/11 the hotel industryhas been strugling and still has not had rooms sold up to pre 9/11 averages.Once a room is not sold it can never be recouped like a restaurant, it is lost revenue. With t (MORE)

What is a hotel industry?

Hotel industry is one of the biggest industry in business transaction. It is also one of the largest job maker.

Why do you want to join hotel industry?

If you would like to join the hotel industry, you might say, 'Ienjoy working in a service oriented industry.' You might like thechallenge of working with people and customer service so you couldshare that.

What are the Factors of growth of hotel industry?

The economy is one of the factors of growth in the hotel industry.When the economy is good, there is more money for vacations, andhotel stays. Tourism and business travel are also factors of growthin the hotel industry.

What is impart of IT in hotel industry?

By utilizing today's information technology(IT) in hotel industry, you can now use IT to watch videos reviews and to read the most up to date reviews, both good and bad, posted by other holiday makers about a particular hotel, and the most important thing, you can compare prices from different hotel (MORE)

Vishisht btc form 2009?

when distributed forms of BTC 2009. Jitendra Singh 09711436470 Hello, I am Mrs. Anjana Singh,W/o Mr. Sandeep Singh & i want to know that how many vacancy in vishisht btc at this time. Kindly inform me earilest. With Best Regards Mrs. Anjana Singh

Duties of storekeeper in the hotel industry?

store keeper maintain total material and store when required any material he receive material and when required he allotted material when required material he fill requisition form and send to account office or purchase office if has not responsibility anyway he self order to market

Customer type in hotel industry?

Customers in the hotel industry are broadly split into Corporate and Leisure guests. The location of the hotel and facilities tend to attract differing %s of each type. Corporate travellers tend to stay midweek and outside of the school holidays, whereas leisure guests tend to stay more at weekends (MORE)

What does VR stand for in the hotel industry?

If your question pertains to housekeeping/room statuses, then VR stands for "Vacant Room". Usually "VR" also signifies that the vacant room is clean. As a front desk rep, I would much better appreciate "VC" (vacant clean), which just makes more sense to me.

What is the full from of hotel?

The word 'hotel' is not an abbreviation, it is the full form . It is derived from the French word ' hôtel ', which is itself derived from the old French ' hostel '. This is the same word from which we get the English words ' hospitality ' and ' host '.

How do you give interview in hotel industry?


Types of hotel in hospitality hotel industry?

I know a bit about this from my experience working for Clifton Hotels in Bristol. We have 3 hotels and a guest house. A Hotel must have meals available morning and evening whereas a guest house doesn't have to. Hotels offer a wide range of facilities and always have bars and restaurants. They mus (MORE)

Why are the bar Importance in hotel industry?

Having a bar in a hotel is essential, as its a place where guests can relax and chat with other guests. Most guests make use of the hotel bar during their stay, its part of the overall hotel experience.

What is the impact of hotel to lodging industry?

the lodging industry is undergoing many changes .the demand for hotels is affected as the economic fortunes of counties regions and cites rise and fall .each year companies and hotels change ownership and new companies and brands enter the marketplace

The guest cycle in Hotel Industry?

1. Pre - Arrival The Guest chooses a hotel during the pre - arrival stage of the guest cycle. Choice of the guest can be affected by many factors, including previous experiences with the hotel, advertisement, word of mouth referral by friends and colleagues, location, corporate, travel agent bookin (MORE)

What is a objectives in hotel industry?

Objectives in the hotel industry like any other industry and areprimarily to achieve customer satisfaction. Hotels aim to providesuch a good service that guests will give repeat business.

What is TTM in hotel industry?

"Trailing Twelve Months" - Often times in the hotel business,people will want to review the financials for the last twelvemonths, the TTM. It's called "trailing," because it changes everymonth... it's the last twleve months looking backward.

What are the salient features of the hotel industry?

The hospitality industry consists of companies within the food services,accommodations, recreation, and entertainment sectors.The hospitality industry is a several billion dollar industry that mostly depends onthe availability of leisure time and disposable income. A hospitality unit such as arestau (MORE)