What is higher then a colonel and lower then a general?

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Brigadeer general
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Which is of higher rank a General or an Admiral?

Generals and Admirals have equal ranks. Generals serve in the Army, Air Force and Marine Corps. Admiral is the equivalent rank in the Navy and Coast Guard. There are different ranks for Generals and Admirals with different designations. Here are the current ranks, the number of stars and the s (MORE)

Why is the temperature lower at higher altitudes?

Well the short answer is that we live in a sea of air, and lower altitudes have higher air pressure than higher altitudes do just as deeper ocean depths have greater pressures than more shallow ones. Temperatures rise with pressure. The end. ... Well, not quite, since air is largely transparent to h (MORE)

What is higher major colonel or captain?

It depends which country and branch of service one is speaking of. The American military does not have the rank of Major-Colonel, the ranks of Major, Lt. Colonel and Colonel all out rank a Captain, unless the Captain is Navy or Coast Guard, then he would be equal in rank to the Colonel.. In US Mili (MORE)

What is higher in rank a major or a colonel?

Colonel. There is another rank, Lieutenant Colonel, between the ranks of Major and Colonel. So the order of rank, from lowest to highest, would be Major, Lieutenant Colonel, and Colonel.

How are Jews viewed in general society do people generally respect them or despise them are they generally looked at as higher or lower class?

In the history of western cultures Jews were seen as a necessary evil in society. Before the Papacy loosened the definition of usury, Jews were the only people in society that could lend money. Afterwards, Jews served no purpose in society; this was best portrayed when Spain finally expelled them du (MORE)

What is higher Adjutant General or Major General?

Adjutant General is a position held by a general grade officer. Major General is a rank. The Adjutant General of the U.S. Army is a Lieutenant General which is higher than a Major General. At the state level, i.e. National Guard, the State Adjutant General is typically a Major General.

What makes pitch higher or lower?

Pitch is the music categorization of frequency. Frequency is the repeating rate of vibrations. The higher the pitch, the higher the frequency, i.e., the faster the vibrations. The lower the pitch, the lower the vibration rate.

What is of higher rank a general or major general?

General. But I've heard of people calling major generals "general" out of respect. As in if they have 2 or 3 disignations, always refer to the highest. Wouldn't want to call a major general "major."

Is it better if your IQ is higher or lower?

The higher your IQ the higher your intelligence, according to the test.. Wether it is better to be more intelligent or less intelligent is a hard question to answer. There are probably many people of lower intelligence that lead very happy lives once they have found their niche in life, and many ve (MORE)

Which rank is higher in the army colonel or captain?

In most military's, an army colonel is several grades higher than captain. In the United States Army, for example, a captain is an O-3 while a colonel is an O-6. That is switched, so to speak, for most navies. A captain is the highest rank just under admiral. Note, though, that navies don't have a c (MORE)

Which is a higher rank General or Commander?

Answer . General Term . The term "commander" can be used as a general term for an officer who commands a unit. The term "Commanding General" is a general in command of a division or larger unit and is abbreviated "CG". A smaller unit such as an infantry Battalion(in WW2) would be commanded by a (MORE)

Which rank is higher major or general?

General is higher, the breakdown of an officer rankstructure is listed below;. O-1 Second Lieutenant (2LT). O-2 First Lieutenant (1LT). O-3 Captain (CPT). O-4 Major (MAJ). O-5 Lieutenant Colonel (LTC). O-6 Colonel (COL). O-7 Brigadier General (BG). O-8 Major General (MG). O-9 LieutenantGene (MORE)

Is major rank higher than lieutenant colonel?

Highest - lowest.. Field Marshal (Only awarded as an honour) . General . Lieutenant General . Major General . Brigadier . Colonel . Lieutenant Colonel . Major . Captain . Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . Officer Cadet

Is lieutenant colonel higher than a major rank?

Highest - lowest.. Field Marshal (Only awarded as an honour) . General . Lieutenant General . Major General . Brigadier . Colonel . Lieutenant Colonel . Major . Captain . Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . Officer Cadet

Why are temperatures generally lower at higher altitudes?

Multiple reasons. Higher up means farther away from the ground which reflects and radiates thermal energy from the sun. Also, the pressure is lower the higher you go. Less particles of air means less friction between particles, translates to lower temperatures. In general that is the case. To really (MORE)

Lemurs is it higher or lower primate?

A lemur is a prosimian or "pre-monkey", meaning it is considered a "lower primate". However, these terms are not used much any more, in favor of the terms "strepsirrhine" for lemurs, lorises, and bushbabies, and "haplorrhines" for tarsiers, New World monkeys, Old World monkeys, and apes. These newer (MORE)

How do you play higher or lower?

You are normally shown a card and asked to bet whether the next one is higher or lower than it. If you make it to the end of the cards you win a prize. Another variation it to stake an amount on the turn of each card. E.g. bet big if you have a really high or low number but small if you have a midd (MORE)

Which is higher in rank Colonel or Major?

Colonel is higher ranking (O-6) than Major (O-4) in the Marines, Army, and Air Force. The comparable ranks in the Navy (and Coast Guard) are Captain (O-6) and Lieutenant Commander (O-4).

When you go higher up does the air pressure get higher or lower?

Increasing altitude decreases air pressure. In other words, they are an inverse relationship -- as one goes up, the other goes down. This is why when low-altitude dwellers like along the coastlines travel to mountainous areas, they find it harder to breathe; the air is just thinner at high altitude. (MORE)

Was Custer a general or a colonel?

Custer was a colonel, although during the Civil War he attained the rank of a brevet general. Brevet means a temporary promotion to general. Although Custer kept his brevet rank for a time after the war, it was later taken away from him, and he was a colonel when he died. [If Custer had been a gener (MORE)

What is higher in rank a captain or a general?

Generals have ranks within them i.e. one star, two star, three star, four star, five star, and pentagram, which is the highest rank. For the US Army, a general is much higher than a captain by 3 grades. It goes, captain, major, lieutenant colonel, colonel, than brigadier general (1 star).

Is there a rank higher than general?

depending on what level the general is (O-7 thru O-10) there should be. The highest rank in general is General of the Army/Air Force/ etc. Above that is the Commander in Chief also known as the President of the United States.

Why is Humidity higher in lower latitudes?

Lower latitudes are closer to the equator. The equator is exposed to the sun most consistently. Therefore, the equator, and those latitudes closest to it are hotter. Hotter air evaporates more water. The more evaporated water in the air (water vapor/steam), the higher the humidity. However, just bec (MORE)

What are the Difference between lower and higher plants?

differentiate between a higher and a lower plant. Best Answer - Chosen by wadullah ghanim gulli duhok -faculity horticulture & forests Lower Plants 'Lower plants' is a collective term for three mains groups of plants, mosses, liverworts and lichens which do not have roots and prod (MORE)

Why is the current lower when the voltage is higher?

This depends on the circuitry you apply voltage to. In a circuitry with a fixed resistance of 1 Ohm, 1 Volt would then generate 1 Ampere of Current. In the same circuitry, 2 Volt would generate 2 Ampere of Current. Increased voltage will, given the same circumstances, increase the current. In othe (MORE)

Is sun higher or lower in winter?

The sun stays where it is, the earths axis shifts. It depends if you are in the northern or southern hemisphere. northern hemisphere, lower, southern is higher. Ie. shorter and longer days.

Is a general ranked higher or lower that a corpral?

Higher - very much so. The Corporal is the commander of a Rifle Section - about ten men. The General is (at least) the commander of a Division - four Brigades - though there tends to be an inflation of rank at those levels, i.e. unemployed Generals, who can still issue orders, but shouldn't.

Why wouldn't it travel higher or lower?

The reason why the Concorde would not cruise higher is due to Cabin pressurization. The Concorde flew at around 56'000 feet (Above Sea Level) which when comparing it to your average flight from the same destination (New York to London) with a regular aircraft, it is hugely significant. The Conc (MORE)

What is the taller colonel or general?

Well, what height a person achieves is dependent primarily upon genetics. Rank won't increase someone's height. As for which rank is higher of the two, it's General.

Who is higher first lieutenant or lieutenant colonel?

Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) is a higher rank than 1st Lieutenant (1LT). LTC is a fairly senior rank, while 1LT is a junior officer. In the US Army, (commissioned) officer ranks from lowest to highest are: Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant Captain Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Brigadier General Ma (MORE)