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Hotel 626, an advergame created to promote Doritos snacks, is an amazingly innovative, beautifully-produced nightmare of a game. After "checking in" (giving the website your name, email and creating a password), you are immediately whisked away into the opening movie: your awakening, in the middle of the night, in your room at this hellish hotel. Strange noises echo in a distance. Your breath quickens, your heart races, and some animal instinct screams that you need to get out. You throw on your shirt, dash into the hallway, and then the real game begins.

Although the game is available to play between the hours of 6PM and 6AM only, you can change your computer clock to let you in immediately.

The journey through the hotel is comprised of ten levels, each of which involves its own creepy, unique task or puzzle. Some are extremely simple: locating the correct door, for example. Others involve more complex undertakings, such as figuring out a code or snapping a picture of a ghost's face. None, to be honest, are objectively very difficult or intellectually taxing. What you're really playing against is your own adrenaline, and the knowledge that if you mess up/take too long you're bound to meet a rather unfortunate end. And that, really, can be far tougher to overcome than any MENSA riddle. Luckily, if you do fail and die, the hotel is magnanimous to offer you the chance to either try it again or move on to the next level.

One impressive measure of the game's creativity is the lengths that it goes to create a sense of immersion in the scenario. At the beginning, while registering, you are given the option to allow access to your computer's webcam and microphone; if you do so, both those elements will be used in later levels. Also, near the end of the game, players in the United States can enter their phone numbers and receive a kah-reepy call from a "friend." Finally, as the name of the game implies, the Hotel is only "open" (accessible) from 6 PM to 6 AM, the better to set the spooky stage. However, for those of us who are impatient (me) or too chicken to play the game in the dark (also me), you can easily cheat by changing the time on your computer.

Of all the unanswered questions posed by this enigmatic hotel, perhaps the greatest mystery of all is how any of this relates in the slightest to Doritos (least relevant piece of viral advertising ever?). Still...I don't really care. Hotel 626 is superb, with wonderful visuals and audio, and manages to approximate the fear of such a situation (so far as I can imagine) better than any other online game I've come across. Heck, if it'll encourage them to make more of these, I'll go out and buy a bag of fake-cheddar-cheese-flavored corn chips right now!

If you're brave enough, your room is ready...
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How do you play asylum 626?

I can only be played during 6Pm to 6AM. adjust your computer time between 6pm to 6am in order to play it.

What is the code on He Knows the Way in the game Hotel 626?

According to the JayisGames website, "Hotel 626, an advergamecreated to promote Doritos snacks, is an amazingly innovative,beautifully-produced nightmare of a game. After "checking in"(giving the website your name, email and creating a password), youare immediately whisked away into the opening movi (MORE)

What is the story of hotel 626?

Hotel 626 is an Internet game that can only be played from 6pm to6am. Players in the game are simulating being locked in a hotelroom full of very creepy things. A player has to use their wits andcommon sense to try and get out of the hotel room before 6am.

Is hotel 626 banned?

yes. because some people called 911.. because after you finish the game you will get an unexpected call and it says "Its not over yet!" so people got freaked out and they call 911. i think thats why hotel 626 is no more :/ I miss it too

Why a hotel why not an hotel?

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Why was hotel 626 removed?

Many people received a call from a guy at night, who talked in a very eerie voice "It's not over yet" after they finished the game. Apparently this guy hacked the hotel 626 site (wow he must have GUTS i won't dare to hack such a scary site) and got people's Facebook information, and somehow got thei (MORE)

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