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Hypnosis is a state of concentration achieved when the brain suppresses beta wave activity (normal alertness) in favor of increased theta wave activity (the dream state).

While in this state, many people find themselves becoming more suggestible, as many of the unconscious filters that monitor dislikes and inhibitions are likewise suppressed. Because of this, clinical hypnosis can be used to treat some psychological disorders such as smoking, overeating and mild depression.

Deep meditation, daydreaming, and lucid dreaming (the act of taking control of one's dreams, without waking up) are naturally-occurring examples of hypnosis.
Hypnosis refers to the induction of a state of consciousness that results in loss voluntary action making one responsive to suggestion or direction.
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Where do you get hypnosis?

You can find a Certified Hypnotherapist in your area from an internet search. Moreover you could learn hypnoses with much ease. Conversational hypnosis is easy to learn. You c

How do you get hypnosis?

Anyone can be hypnotised if they choose to be hypnotised. Look in your phone book under hypnotists and call one who is labled as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist - they are

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The first stage iof hypnosis is Induction. It's sometimes characterised by the click of fingers. It's a stimulation of fight or flight response and moves the subject into an

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Hypnosis has long been a mystery. The effects of hypnosis have been proven to help several patients in varying different areas. But what has yet to be explained by science is

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Hypnosis really only works for people who are very imaginative and have a rich fantasy life, so hypnosis can't affect people who are completely against that sort of thing. M

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Franz Mesmer started the idea that there is a state similar to sleep that people can experience in more controlled settings. Mesmerism was named after him, and psychologists l

Is hypnosis art?

Hypnotherapy is medical in nature, stage hypnosis, however, is aperforming art.

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Hypnosis basically involves the same things as meditation. They both focus on relaxation more than anything else. It also involves complete control over your own thoughts. If

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What does hypnosis do?

I believe that hypnosis is an extraordinarily powerful method of improving oneself. Nowdays self-hypnosis has been used and studied for a vast amount of medical/clinical reaso