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What is it called when you trim a royal palm tree?

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How do you call it when you trim a royal palm tree
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Why are palm trees called palm trees?

ANSWER: Palm tree is short for palmetto tree. SECOND ANSWER: Not quite right. Palmetto means"little palm". As I understand it, palm means hand-shaped (think of the palm of

Where in USA can you see the royal palm tree?

  Answer   Because the Royal Palm is intolerant of cold, it is considered a tropical or subtropical species. The only places in the U.S. where they are grown outside

How does a royal palm tree reproduce?

The royal palm tree, or roystonea regia, reproduces by producing  unisexual flowers that must be pollinated by animals. Honey bees  and bats are common pollinators for the r

In which state is royal palm tree?

Royal palm trees are popular in many warm, coastal landscapes, particularly in southern Florida and parts of California. There are ten species of Royal palm, also know as Rosi

What is the range of temperature for the royal palm tree?

The Royal palm is native to the Everglades of south Florida. Royal Palms are found planted through out the Middle East, where summer temperatures can reach 55 degree C and hum

How do you trim down a palm tree height?

In 99% of cases you cannot trim the height of a palm tree withoutkilling it. Palms are moncotyledonous, this means they have onegrowth point or apical bud; this is located in