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Kennedy was a Democrat.
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What was Woodrow Wilson's party affiliation?

The Woodrow Wilson was a member of the Democratic Party.

Who was the only president not affiliated with a political party?

George Washington. During Washington's two terms the Federalist and Republican (not the current Republican) parties were formed. John Adams was the first (and only) Federalist

What was the party affiliation of George Washington?

George Washington is currently the only president to have been elected without any official endorsement by a political party. Generally speaking, Washington's policies reflec

What were President Chester Arthur's Party Affiliation?

  Chester Alan Arthur (October 5, 1829 - November 18, 1886) was an American politician who served as the twenty-first President of the United States. Arthur was a member o

What political party was John Tyler affiliated with?

He was a member of the "Democratic-Republican" party, which existed from 1792 until 1825. When John Quincy Adams was elected, the party dissolved into two factions: the Democr

What was Chester Nimitz party affiliation?

During the time that Nimitz was in the service, it was traditional that officers did not take part in politics, since they were obliged to serve loyally no matter who was elec