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LASH bill of ladings are those where the goods have been shipped through lighter mode of transport say berge type of transport and the receipt issued is called LASH bill of ladings which are not acceptablein foreign trade
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Are named Bill of lading and straight bill of lading the same?

A named Bill of landing is a negotiable Bill, capable of transferring title to the goods covered under it by its delivery or endorsement. Its terms provide that the freight is

What is bill of lading and types of bill of lading?

Bill of lading is issued by the shipping line as a receipt of goods.The shipper should give sufficient datas to the corresponding shipping line as per the purchasing order,inv

What is the meaning of bill of lading?

Printed form used in connection with a shipment of freight usually naming the shipper, the consignee, proper addresses, date and place of origin, description of the shipment,

Switch bill of lading?

A replacement of Bill of Lading issued at the request of a Consignee seller to replace the Original Bill Of Lading to that seller's suppliers as shipper, ao as to show the con

What is the difference between the house bill of lading and bill of lading?

Bills of lading are supposedly prepared by the driver, but over the years the responsibility for preparing them has fallen to the shipper--these are "house" bills of lading. I

What is the use of bill of bill of lading?

The bill of lading lists everything that has arrived in a shipment.  It allows the recipient and the sender to see everything that has  been shipped and is useful in invento

When to use the Bill of lading?

When you intend to export or import some goods or a consignment. In details we can say that: This is a Legal Document for both CNOR & CNEE to EXP & IMP their valued cargo is

How bill of lading works?

Bill of Lading, a written receipt issued by a transportation company to a shipper. It also serves as an agreement, or contract, between the shipper and the transportation com

When do you use a express bill of lading?

In the auto transport industry, we use an express bill of lading to expedite the inspection process. There are many ways an express bill of lading can be of benefit.

What are the functions of bill of lading?

There are three functions of the Bill of lading: 1. The Bill of lading is evidence that the transporter has received the goods. 2. The Bill of lading is a device that con

What are the different types of bill of lading?

12 Common Types of Bill of Lading Forms & When To Use Them1. Straight Bill of Lading: This is typically used when shipping to a customer. The "Straight Bill of Lading" is for

Is there a proforma bill of lading?

A proforma bill of lading takes a similar role to a "bill of lading instruction" because it is part of the work up to agree on items and terms contained in the bill of lading,

What is STALE Bill Of Lading?

Hi there, B/L presented to its consignee, or at a bank, after the lastdate specified in the relevant letter of credit and which, therefore, is not acceptable as a valid docu