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the term used in any specialized subject
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What Does Attachments Mean in Email Terminology?

Attachments means any file that is sent with an email. For example a picture, song, spreadsheet, resume, etc. When you add this to an email, you "attach" the file. Please keep

What does terminology mean?

Terminology is specialist terms/language used either within a speciality (like medicine) or within a particular time period (like shakespear). Medical example - "you have hype

What does proximal mean in medical terminology?

It means "near". The opposite is distal. SO for example, on your fingers, which have 3 bones (except the thumb), the end bone is called the distal phalanx and the one neares

What does bilateral mean in medical terminology?

Both sides To expand a bit on the above answer, bilateral, in this case, refers to something that occurs in both the left and right sides of the body (such as paralysis of bo

What is the meaning of a tarball in computer terminology?

"tar" is a file format popular in Unix operating systems. Originally designed for tape archive It is similar to a zip file or any of the many compression units. It has m

What does the terminology Theism mean?

In the broadest sense, it is the belief that at least one god exists. In a more technical sense, it's used to describe a particular sort of monotheism (one that is largely co
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What is the meaning of bookmark in computer terminology?

It means that if you save something as a bookmark ex: wikianswers it should be saved at the top of you screen and when you want to go to the website ex: wikianswers it will br