What is meant by sch40 PVC?

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Schedule 40 PVC is the type and thickness of water pipe.
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What is PVC?

PVC is polyvinyl chloride. this is a plastic which is in the formula of CH2=CHCL. = is a double bond.. PVC is a thermoplastic material meaning can be melted over and over ag

What does PVC stand for in PVC pipe?

Answer . Polyvinyl chloride . Answer . PVC = polyvinyl chloride, a synthetic resin preparedd by the polymerization of vinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride

What does PVC mean?

If you are revering to PVC as in "PVC pipe" or "PVC clothing" then is stands for Polyvinyl Chloride..

What is PVC used for?

PVC is used in a number of things for example; car dashboards, apple ipods/iphones/shower curtains, window frames, water pipes.

What are the elements in PVC?

Carbon, hydrogen, chlorine. If it's flexible, there's probably some oxygen in there as well. Rigid PVC is poly(vinyl chloride), where vinyl chloride is ethene with one of th

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What is PVC plastics?

Polychloroethene, commonly abbreviated PVC, is a thermoplastic polymer. It is a vinyl polymer constructed of repeating vinyl groups (ethenyls) having one of their hydrogens re
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What is PVC PVC?

I think the PVC is a good materials that it's widely used in various industries.I know something about PVC foam board,I think it is a good building materials.The PVC foam boar

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